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1864 October 1: List of Men Drafted in Pierce County

October 1, 2014

The following list of draftees from Pierce County appeared in the October 1, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

The Draft.

The Draft in this District came off last week.  Below is the list of drafted in this county.  They are ordered to report on the 12th of October :

John Hensen Eric Oleson
Andrew Anderson Martin Hawkins
Halver Halverson Mick Hawkins
Miles Jennings Peter Oleson
J. M. Midloe Kund Johnson
 Peter Anderson Peter Johnson
Christian Peterson Ole Winger
S. Halverson C. Englebretson
Andrew McGinley Ole Jenison
Gilbert Harris Swen Learson
Ole Hanson Simon Svenson
John Bratnegh Louis Larson
Roman Kay John Owens
James Philips Hiram Bennett
T. B. Philips Edmund Kinney
Iver Iverson J. B. Iverson
Albert Skellenger Thos. Peterson
Louis Oleson Niles Madson
John Nelson Frank Robrer
A. S. Nelson Ole Oleson
Thomas Quinn W. J. Smith
Wm. Youngman Andrew Higerty
Jacob Youngman John Horyer
O. G. N. Hayerdahl Lerop Russ
O. P. Sargent Henry Huber
Phillip Huber R. Wilkinson
F. H. Merriman Ohas. Stafford
Wm. Hambleton James Towsaw
Nelson Ames John Parmater
Rollin Letson J. T. Otis
Wm. Leonard Eber Danforth
J. H. Taylor Newton White
John Hien Gotlieb Brune
Casper Mozer Jacob Helmiller
A. Cosset Marshall Howard
Rudolf Kalmer K. L. Mardin
Castor Taylor M. D. Abbott
George Davis James O’Brine
David Taylor W. M. Rouse
David Brenlor John Bowers
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