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1864 October 15: Election to Include Ballot on Where to Continue the Pierce County Bounty or Not

October 16, 2014

The following editorial and letter to the editor on the issue of whether Pierce County should continue the bounty offered to volunteers appeared in The Prescott Journal of October 15, 1864.

The County Bounty.

The Board of Supervisors propose to be governed in their action in relation to County Bounties by the wish of the people. Ballots for and against continuing the Bounty will be at the polls.

We think the Bounty should be continued for the reasons :

1st. The war is nearly through, and the additional expense will not be large.

2d. The cost of living is very high and the families of soldiers need the bounty more now, than two years ago.

3d. The soldiers who have gone were promised the bounty. It was a part of the contract. The faith of the county is pledged to pay it, and let us keep faith with our soldiers. Vote for continuing the bounty, if you have to go without a new coat by reason of it.


EDITOR JOURNAL :—By resolution of County Commissioners of this county the question of continuation of County Bounties to soldiers’ families was referred to the voters of the county at the General Election of next month.

Whilst our taxes are onerous on account of large volunteer bounties having been voted in many of the towns for the purpose of raising volunteers, yet, at the same time, we must remember that our volunteers for the last year have, in a measure, been induced to volunteer in the full faith that the county bounty wo’d be continued to their families. I think the voters should carry out this matter in good faith. I also believe that the same bounty should be extended to the families of the drafted men who are taken into service.

Yours truly,
.       .J. W. BEARDSLEY.

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