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1864 October 15: Warren Knowles Promoted to Captain, Lincoln Clubs Organized, George W. Chapin Dies

October 21, 2014

Following are the smaller news items from the October 15, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Finger002 The funeral of Capt. HYATT, last Sabbath, was largely attended by the Masons of this city, and of Hastings and River Falls.

Finger002 Thirty-seven of the sixty drafted men from this county have been exempted.  They speak in high terms of the courtesy of the Board of Examination.

Finger002 WARREN P. KNOWLES, of River Falls, 1st Lieut. Co. G, 4th Wis. Cavalry, is home on furlough—the first leave of absence he has had during three and a half years of service.  Warren is an efficient officer, and since he left the Regiment has been promoted to a Captaincy to fill the place of Captain KEEFE, now Major.  Warren is a strong Democrat but don’t go for either the Chicago Platform or nominees.

ADJ. GEN. GAYLORD.—The Beloit Journal pays the following deserved compliment to Adjutant Gen. Gaylord [Augustus Gaylord] :

No man in the State has done more in private and official position to crush the rebellion than Gen. Gaylord. His office is a model of correctness and in all its depar[t]ments order well for the State and our gallant soldiers that Gen. Gaylord has charge of the military record at the State.  A man of great executive ability and sterling integrity.

CONGRESSIONAL NOMINATIONS.—The Congressional nominations for this State are now complete.  They are as follows :




I.  . .

Halbert E. Paine. John W. Cary.

II.  . .

Ithamar C. Sloan. George B. Smith.

III.  . .

Amasa Cobb. Charles G. Rodolf.

IV.  . .

 Scott Sloan. Chas. A. Eldredge.

V.  . .

Philetus Sawyer. Gabriel Boock.

VI.  . .

D. McIndoe. Henry Reed.


LINCOLN CLUBS.—A Lincoln Club has been formed at River Falls. C. B. Cox President, R. J. Wilcox Secretary, and A. D. Andrews Treasurer. Its meetings will be held each Saturday evening.

A Lincoln Club has been organized in Oak Grove, W. C. Dennison President, I. F. Maynard Secretary, J. A. Stirrait Treasurer.

The Union men in each town should organize and prepare to poll their entire vote.

Finger002 The meetings of the Lincoln Club in this city on Friday evenings are fully attended.  Last week, Capt. Maxson gave a very interesting account of Sherman’s campaign.

Finger002 The Democrats are claiming a victory in Ohio and Pennsylvania, simply because they were not beat quite to death.  They claim a victory in Maine, where they lost the only Congress man they had.  We wish them many more such victories.

Finger002 Mr. G. W. Chapin, of River Falls who recently went into the Government service in Tennessee as a mechanic, returned last week, and in poor health, and died after three days illness.

Finger002 We hope our readers will not fail to carefully read the testimony on the trial of H. H. Dodd, of Indiana, in this paper.  The evidence is incontestable that the “Sons of Liberty” is a treasonable organization, and many of the Democratic leaders are in secret league to overthrow the Government.

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