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1864 October 22: Grand Union Mass Meeting in Prescott, and Other News

October 28, 2014

Following are the smaller items, mostly local, from the October 22, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Prescott Journal:

Grand Union Mass Mtg, 10-22-64  THE MASS MEETING.
 Everything looks favorable for the
 success of the Grand Union Mass
 Meeting to be held here on Tues-
 day next.  If the day is fair, there
 will be such a rally of the people
 as Pierce County has never seen.
 Hot coffee and refreshments can
 be had on the grounds.
FRIENDS ! the portents are all of
a Glorious Victory !  Come and
join in the Last Grand Demonstra-
tion of the Campaign.  Come,
bearing aloft the “Old Flag” in its
beauty and glory, and let there be
a Gathering worthy of the Cause,
and of the awakened patriotism
of the people !
advertises a grand McCLELLAN
[George B. McClellan] meeting
and torch light procession to come
off in St. Paul next Saturday, and
announces at the head of the list
of speakers, HON. JOEL FOSTER,
of Wisconsin.  We subside.  Our
surprise is beyond utterance.
HON. JOEL FOSTER, of Wisconsin !
Can it be !  Isn’t it a “mistake of
 the printer !  Don’t our eyes
 deceive us !  Hon. JOEL FOSTER,
 of Wisconsin !  Isn’t it a joke !

 Union Rally!

Capt. O. T. Maxson will address the Lincoln Club of River Falls, on Saturday evening, the 22nd inst.  Let there be a full rally.


Died, Sept. 19th, at Marietta, Ga., In Hospital, JAMES H. HOLMAN, aged 21 years, 7 months and 28 days.

In lonely bed they laid him,
Away from kindred far ;
And Southern trees now shade him,
Off near the seat of war.

Nor Mother, Sister, Brother
Could list his dying prayer,
Or soothe his dying moments—
O, sad the fate of war.

Weep o’er our fallen brother,
Who sleeps his last long sleep;
Yes, weep with one another—
A Savior bids us weep.

Finger002  We have received a letter from Fort Rice, dated Sept. 13, which says the 30th Regiment expected to leave there for the front in about twenty days.

Finger002  Brick Pomeroy, bragging over his own smartness, says : “The La Crosse Democrat is a live paper.”  So is a cheese full of maggots a live cheese.

Losses of the 25th Regiment.

Lt. Col. J. M. RUSK, commanding the 25th Regiment, has forwarded to Adjutant General GAYLORD [Augustus Gaylord] the following list of men wounded in his regiment from the 15th of August to the 15th of September, the regiment having had no men killed :

Sergt. Edwin McFall, Co. H, wounded in hand, slight, Aug. 17.
Ambrose Campbell, Co. G, wounded in side, slight, Aug. 23.
Corp. Levi Pretts, Co. I, wounded in right arm, flesh wound, severe, Aug. 25.
Warren C. Moore, Co. B, wounded in left hand, severe, Aug. 25.
David G. Gillies, Co. B, wounded in right hand, severe, Aug. 25.
Jacob Eiserman, Co. E, bayonet wound in knee, on picket, (accidental), severe, September 12.
James R. Hudson, Co. E, wounded in toes on picket by musket ball, (accidental), slight.

THE 12TH BATTERY AT ALTOONA.—A private dispatch from Lt. T. JONES, commanding, gives the following names of the killed and wounded of the 12th battery at Altoona, Ga., on Thursday, Oct. 5th :

Killed.—Sergeant Barlow, Corporal Hamilton, Privates Chase, Doolittle and Davies.
Wounded.—Lt. Amaden, Sergeants Hubbard and Barton, Corporals Wilmarth and Sison, and Privates Baker, Brownson, Croft, Daily, Harrington, Henry, Harrison, Kalb, Kahn, and St. Johns.

THE COST OF THE WAR.—An elaborate series of investigations into the increase of public debt during the war has just been completed by Dr. Elder, of the Treasury Department.  The results show that the mean increase of the public debt during thirty-nine months, since July, 1861, is, as near as may be, a million and a half dollars per diem.  During the first twenty-two months of this period, the mean increase was one million three hundred thousand dollars.  Exceptional days showed a maximum of three millions, and a minimum of one million dollars, but the mean for the whole time has been as above stated, one million five hundred thousand dollars per day.  This statement entirely disposes of the howl constantly made by Copperheads upon the vast increase of the public debt.  Their do[c]uments, journals and banners ring constant changes on that subject, stating the increase of the public debt to have averaged at least three million dollars per day since the commencement of this rebellion.

From The Polk County Press:

THE DRAFT.—The drafted men of the town of Farmington reported at La Crosse last week.  There were excepted [sic: expected] to fill the town’s quota, as follows : Deit Geigei [sic: Veit Geiger], Julius Dohn, Henry Demling [sic: Demuling].¹

CLUB MEETING.—The Osceola Union Club meeting on Monday evening last was well attended and the result was a royal good time.  Speeches were made by Rev. S. T. CATLIN, C. H. STAPLES and Wm. A. TALBOYS.  Twenty new members joined the Club.

Rev. S. T. CATLIN, who had just returned from the Wisconsin Baptist State Convention, held recently at Madison, introduced the following resolution, which was adopted by that body, which was also adopted as the sentiment of the Club :

Resolved, That we regard this parricidal war upon the government of our country with all its duplicities, its perjuries, its robberies, its murders, its assassinations, its tortures, its wholesale butcheries of the unarmed and defenceless, its savage mutilations of the living and the dead, and all unparalleled atrotities [sic] on the part of the South, together with the seething cauldrons of secret conspiracy, and all the open flouting of treason at the North, as but the legitimate corruption upon the body politic of the nation—of the moral disease of human slavery—the quintessence—the root and the offspring of all villainies, too long cherished within. We thank God that the disease is out, and pray God that it may stay out until it is eradicated from the nation and peace restored upon a healthful basis.—We cherish hatred to no one, not even to the most barbarous worshippers [sic] of the bloody Moloch of Slavery, but from our love of God, our regard for our country, for justice and humanity, we esteem the earnest prosecution of the present defensive war just. To its successful termination, we solemnly and in the fear of God, reader our sympathies and our prayers. We will withhold no sacrifice our country shall demand, and which God shall enable us us [sic] to give. Let liberty and right prevail though their studious opponents shall perish.

The meeting adjourned with three cheers for LINCOLN & JOHNSON.  The next regular meeting will be held on Monday evening. Everybody is invited to attend, irrespective of party.  [Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson]

UNION SPEECH.—Hon. H. L. HUMPHREY and Hon. MARCUS FULTON of Hudson, will address the citizens of Osceola on Monday evening, October 31st, at the School House.  Let all who can be on hand.  Give the speakers a rousing house.

IN PREPARATION.—We have in preparation an article showing “what Polk County has done for the War for the Union.”  We have received statements from all the towns except Sterling, and shall publish as soon as the report from that town is received.

THE STATE ARMS.—There will be a meeting a[t] the School House, in the village of Osceola, on Tuesday evening, for the purpose of taking into consideration what is to be done with the State Arms now in this village.  They are greatly out of order, and if kept must be cleaned up.—Turn out all, and take action in the matter.

1.  Veit Geiger served in Company F of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry; Julius Dohn served in Company A of the 18th Wisconsin Infantry; Henry Demuling served in Company F of the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry.

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