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1864 October 29: Local Veterans of the 1st Wisconsin Come Home; Political Clubs and Rallies; What COPPERHEAD Stands For

November 4, 2014

Following are the smaller items, many local, from the October 29, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

Osceola Union Club.

Regular Meetings are held for discussing the political ___ of the day every Monday evening at the School House, commencing at 7 o’clock.

The meetings are free to men of all parties.  The Club at all times will be happy to hold joint political discussions with their political opponents, pledging themselves to treat all who differ with them courteously and to use courteous and gentlemanly language in debate and expecting the same in return.  [emphasis added]


McCLELLAN CLUB.—The McClellan Club meets every Friday evening at the Osceola House Hall.

UNION RALLY AT PRESCOTT.—The Union Rally, held at Prescott, on Tuesday last, was the greatest demonstration ever held in the Valley.—Speeches were made by Hon. J. W. Taylor, Gen. W. D. Washburne, and A. Edgerton, Esq.  It is estimated that over 3,000 persons were present.

VETERANS.—We had the pleasure on Wednesday last, of welcoming to our sanctum, from the battle ground, Serg’t ELLIS [sic] HOOVER, W. H. COWAN, D. S. CLARK, and S. W. PETERSON, all veterans from the gallant 1st Wis. Infantry.¹  They have served their country well.  Long may they live to enjoy its blessings.

APPOINTED.—We are informed that Sergeant MOSES T. CATLIN has been appointed Ward Master of Harvey Hospital, at Madison.  This [is] a position well bestowed.

CITIZENS ATTEND.—Hon. H. L. HUMPHREY, and MARCUS FULTON, Esq., of Hudson, will address the citizens of Osceola and vicinity, at the School House, on Monday evening next.  Let all who wish to hear a good speech turn out.

DEMOCRATIC RALLY.—The Democrats of this County attended the Democratic Rally at Hudson on the 24th inst., in force.  They made a very respectable appearance with their new flag and drums.  On their return they honored the flag floating from our office with three cheers and also cheered for “Little Mac” [George B. McClellan].  We are able to announce, however, that it did not change our opinion of “Honest Old Abe” [Abraham Lincoln].  We understand that they had good time at Hudson.  All right.

— There is not a McClellan paper in West Virginia, while there are twelve which sustain Mr. Lincoln.

— The Gaurrillas [sic] in Eastern Kentucky captured and destroyed a railroad train eight miles south of Covington, on the 10th inst., which is opposite Cincinnati, and robbed the passengers.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002  Major D. C. FULTON, of Hudson, was in town on Tuesday, on his way home and was greeted warmly by his many friends.  He leaves on Monday, to take the balance of his regiment (heavy artillery) to the front.

Finger002  A. J. WARNER,² of River Falls, is home, having served out his time in the First.  Many of the boys of the First were in town on Tuesday, and liked the style of things on that day.

Finger002  The success of the splendid “Cavalry raid” on the “Little Mackerels,” in this city last Tuesday, was due in a great measure to the efforts of BEN F. PIERCE.  He was the “Sheridan” of that raid.

Finger002  The re election of ABRAHAM LINCOLN is now conceded.  Let the majority be so emphatic that there can be no doubt of the National Will, and no attempt to thwart it.

Finger002  River Falls contributed two objects of interest to the gathering here on Tuesday—the McClellan on a very small Jack, and “Judge Foster, of Wisconsin,” following him afar off.

Finger002  We have received a note from Point Douglas [Minnesota], saying that posters for Union meetings are torn down there.  Such conduct should receive the condemnation of every decent man.

Finger002  The rebel prisoners recently taken by SHERIDAN, gladly exchanged forty dollars of their money for twenty cents of ours.  So writes home a member of one of our regiments.

Finger002  Gen. Price [Sterling Price] has been badly routed in Missouri.  The last rebel raid in that State we hope is over.

Finger002  A portion of BILL ANDERSON’S rebel cavalry, numbering between two and five hundred, made a raid from Missouri into the border of Iowa last week, committing considerable depredations, plundering the country and even murdering citizens.  The news of the raid has had the effect to stir up the people of Southern and Central Iowa, and at last advices great preparations were making to repel the invaders and defend the State.  No armed rebels can stay in the brave and loyal State of Iowa many hours alive.

Finger002  Mr. LIBBY, the owner of the famous Libby Prison at Richmond, was recently captured by our forces near the Weldon Railroad, and is now a prisoner in our hands.

Finger002  A question for theologians :  Is it profanity to call the copperheads of Indiana the Dodd dammed [sic] democracy ?

Finger002  For the benefit of those who can not find the word “Copperhead” in the dictionary, we give the following analysis of it.

C  onspiracy.
O  pposition to the war.
P  eace on any terms.
P  iracy.
E  nmity to the Union.
R  ecognition of the “C. S. A.”
H  atred of the Government.
E  arnest sympathy with traitors.
A  narchy.
D  isloyalty.

1.  Elias H. Hoover, from St. Croix Falls; William H. Cowan, from St. Croix Falls; David S. Clark, from Osceola; and Swin W. Peterson, from Chisago Lake, Minnesota, all in Company F of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry.
2.  Listed in the official roster of Company F of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry as James A. Warner from River Falls.

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