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1864 November 12: Lincoln Re-elected — A Glorious Victory!

November 12, 2014

The following election reporting comes from The Polk County Press of Saturday, November 12, 1864.


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Minnesota has gone Union by from six to eight thousand majority.

Wisconsin has gone for Lincoln and Johnson by a majority of 20,000.  [Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson]

Massachusetts is good for at least 80,000 majority.

Every New England State has gone for Lincoln by increased majorities over the last elections.

RHODE ISLAND.—Returns from nearly the whole state show a majority for Lincoln of about 5,000.

OHIO.—Thirty-five thousand majority for Lincoln on the home vote.

KENTUCKY.—The returns are meagre,¹ but indicate a Democratic majority.  Lexington gives 22 Union maj. ;  Covington, 601 Union majority.

DELAWARE.—Wilmington 800 Un. maj.—Union gain of 500.  The state has undoubtedly gone for Lincoln.

INDIANA.—Indiana has gone Union by no less than from 27,000 to 30,000.

NEW JERSEY.—Essex county has gone Union by 160 majority, making a Union gain of 1000 over last year.  The Legislative delegation is six Union to three Democrats.

ILLINOIS.—Springfield, Nov. 9.—It is now believed the Unionists have a majority in both branches of the Legislature and gain a Congressman.

NEW YORK.— Total vote of the city, Lincoln, 36,442 ;  McClellan, 73,929 ;  one Ward, the 15th, gave Lincoln a majority of 274.  Total majority for McClellan in the city is 36,613.  [George B. McClellan]

It is reported Fernando Wood is defeated for Congress by Darling, Union.  Conkling, and Humphries, Union, both elected in the Brooklyn and 6th District.  Returns from 105 towns and two counties gives Lincoln 20,704 majority.

NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—Indications are that Maryland, Indiana, and Pennsylvania have undoubtedly gone for Lincoln.

Missouri gives Lincoln about 5,000 majority.

Michigan it is claimed by the Union men has gone for Lincoln by a majority of 15,000.

The Election. 

The returns of the Presidential election, as far as received at the time of our going to press, indicate the election of Lincoln and Johnson—a result which will be hailed throughout christendom [sic] with joy and thanksgiving, by philanthropists, and all who are struggling for the rights of the masses against the priviledges [sic] of the few ;—a result which will be mourned by aristocrats and apologists for human slavery throughout the world, and which will dissatisfy and disgust to the last degree Jeff. Davis [Jefferson Davis] and his rebel sattelites [sic] and all the “sympathisers” of the North.  At this result it is the priviledge [sic] of the loyal citizens of the United States to rejoice in the full assurance that the expression of their grateful emotions, is not in accord with the jubilations, which, had the other candidates prevailed, would have went up from the armed hosts of those, who hate with a perfect hatred the dear old flag of freedom, of equality, and of human rights.

Vallandigham [Clement L. Vallandigham], Fernando Wood, Jeff. Davis, and all that sort of people will gnash their teeth in impotent wrath, while the poor martyred loyalists of the South, the slave in chains, the freedman, and all intelligent sympathisers with the oppressed, will devoutly thank God, and take fresh courage for the contest, ever to be waged in some form or other while time lasts, against the powers of evil.

We know not whether as a consequence of the election, gold will rise or fall.  We do not accept the perturbations of Wall Street as an unerring guage [sic] of human progress ;  and in whatever way mammon may stand immediately affected, we have confidence that the triumph of the Union party will under God promote the highest welfare moral, and material, of the whole country, North and South.

The Election in Polk County.

Again the battle with ballots has been fought and the victory gained by the Union Party.  Polk County sends greetings to her neighbors, that she still stands by the Administration in its efforts to crush out the “Slave-holder’s Rebellion.”

After four years of war, made holy by the sacrifices of thousands of brave men, and millions of treasure, her people at the ballot box announced their determination to stand by the Government, and be in at the death of the “Southern Confederacy.”

By the votes they announced that they do not believe that the four years of war have been “a failure,” or an “experiment,” which cannot restore the Union, but on the contrary, they demand that it shall go on, until rebels in arms surrender to the Government, and renounce their evil ways—and return their allegiance to the Union of our fathers.  Men of the Union party you have done your duty nobly.  May the result gained, recompense you for your labors.

1.  Old-fashioned spelling of “meager.”

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