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1864 November 12: Election News from the Prescott Journal

November 16, 2014

From the November 12, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

T H E   E L E C T I O N S !


Nearly every State for Lincoln. 

Pierce County Union with a Rush. 

It is with genuine pleasure that we present our readers the record of the success of the Union Party, and we rejoice that Pierce County has done so nobly, and extend our congratulation to all who have labored to secure this result.

Every town in the county has gone Union, with perhaps the exception of El Paso, which is not yet heard from.  The majority for Lincoln [Abraham Lincoln] in this county four years ago was 226 ;  now it is 368—his majority greater than the whole Democratic vote.  The whole ticket, congressional, legislative and county, has about the same majority, and soldiers yet to hear from.  Well done for the true men and faithful workers of Pierce County.


The result of the election is glorious—equalling [sic] the hope, and fulfilling the expectation of the most sanguine Union men.

From the Atlantic coast—across by the Great Lakes—and away to the Pacific shore, stretches the immense column of the Union States. In unbroken ranks stand the victorious Union hosts, spanning a continent.

Great as the victory seems—magnificent as the result now appears, it will be only as coming years shall garner in its benificent [sic] fruits, and what we now hope for shall have been achieved, that its full proportions will stand revealed.

The American people, with a unanimity not paralleled since the days of Washington, have re-elected their Chief Magistrate, and proclaimed their steadfast purpose to sustain him in the work of suppressing the Rebellion, and preserving the integrity of the Republic.  The Nation—the rebels—the world, will now understand that we mean business, and cherish a purpose that will never falter or fail.

But it is not alone the true Union men who have rolled up such splendid majorities in nearly every State, who are the friends of an undivided Union.  Tens of thousands who cast their votes for M’CLELLAN [George B. McClellan], did so in the firm belief that he would as sternly mantain [sic] the integrity of the Union as LINCOLN himself.  Whether they were mistaken or not, their voices may safely be counted on as proclaiming for the suppression of the Rebellion, and joined to those of the Union party, Rebeldom may well stand agahst [sic] at the power arrayed against it.

The Baltimore Platform lays down two plain propositions ;  First the Rebellion must be fought down ;  Second, Slavery, its cause, must be wiped out.  To these propositions the people have responded, AMEN !  The Republic has been baptised anew, and consecrated to FREEDOM forevermore.

But a little more of darkness, and we shall emerge into the light of that perfect political day which the framers of the Constitution and the soldiers of the Revolution by their faith beheld.

We have met the crisis in our National Life, and passed triumphantly through it. Let us now be true to the purpose expressed, and before us stretch long ages of peaceful repose and concious [sic] power.—Free, united, triumphant, the Republic will stand, and shining brightly on the long roll of its honored sons and faithful servants, will be the name of ABRAHAM LINCOLN.



Returns meagre.  Republicans estimate Lincoln’s majority in this county between 4,000 and 5,000 on home vote.  Democrats give them 1,500 to 2000.

Henry T. Blow, present Representative, 2d district, re-elected by a large majority.

A large number of refugees in this city voted for McClellan and the Democratic ticket.  Lincoln is undoubtedly elected in this State.  Radical State triumph of ticket regarded certain.

Ohio and Indiana.


Scattering returns from Ohio and Indiana, show Union gains over the October election, and indicate that Lincoln has carried the two States by heavy majorities



The State has probably gone Republican, and will probably give a small Republican majority in the Legislature.

The Democrats lose Congressmen in the 8th, 13th and 7th Districts, and probably Harris in the 4th.  The Republicans State Senator in Madison and St. Clair counties.  Returns from the eastern part of the State show Republican gains.


Philadelphia, Nov. 8.

All but two wards give 10,200 Union majority.  Republican gain from October, 2268.


One hundred and seventy six towns in Massachusetts foot up, Lincoln 90,000 McClellan 36,681.


The vote in Connecticut is close but returns indicate that the State has gone for Lincoln.


Maine is good for 20,000 Union majority.


Vermont gives Lincoln 30,000 maj.


Michigan will foot up about 15,000 majority for Lincoln.


Minnesota gives 6,000 union majority.

NEW YORK, Nov. [_].

RHODE ISLAND.—Returns from nearly the whole State show a majority for Lincoln of about 5,000.

OHIO.—Thirty-five thousand majority for Lincoln on the home vote.

KENTUCKY.—The returns are meagre, but indicate a Democratic majority.—Lexington gives 22 Union majority ;  Falmouth, 695 Union majority ;  Covington, 601 Union majority ;  Paris, 63 Democratic majority ;  Cynthiaus, 126 Democratic majority.

DELAWARE.—Willmington, 800 Union majority—Union gain of 500.

INDIANA.—Indiana has gone Republican by not less than 27,000 to 30,000.

NEW JERSEY.—Essex county has gone Union by over 150 majority, making a Union gain of over 1,000 over last year.  The Legislative delegation is six Union to three Democrats.

ILLINOIS.—In Springfield it is now believed the Republicans have a majority in both branches of the Legislature and gain a Congressman.

NEW YORK.—Total vote of the city :  Lincoln 36, 442 ;  McClellan, 73,329 ;  one ward, the 15th, gave Lincoln a majority of 274.  Total majority for McClellan in the city is 36,613.


Returns from 105 towns and two counties give Lincoln 20,794 majority.

In 83 towns and cities, including Albany, Buffalo, Troy, Schenectady, and Utica, and also three counties, McClellan has 16,094 majority.

Indications are that Maryland, Indiana, and Pennsylvania have undoubtedly gone Union.

Finger002  New York is estimated to have gone for Lincoln by at least 30,000 majority.  It is not probably that McClellan has carried any State except Kentucky.—The Union men have made large gains of Congressmen, and will probably have two thirds of the next Congress.


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