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1864 November 12: Members of the 12th Wisconsin Return Home, Another Indian Scare on the Northwest Frontier, More Local Election News

November 18, 2014

The following smaller items are from the November 12, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

STILL ANOTHER WHITE MAN KILLED.—We learn from W. J. VINCENT, Esq., of St. Croix Falls, that another white man, a Sweed, has been killed, about eight miles north of Wood River, in Polk County.  Mr. V. gained his information from Mr. MAGNUS NELSON, of Burnett County, who brought down the election returns from Sterling.  When Mr. NELSON left, a party headed by NIMROD HICKERSON, had gone in search of the body.  We have no further particulars.  We believe that this report is true, and if it is, we sincerely hope that the people will not wait for our laggard State authorities, but take the matter in their own hands, and punish these devils with a vengeance that will be a warning to all their tribe to the last day of their lives.

PAINFUL RUMORS.—We learn from a reliable gentlemen at St. Croix Falls, that rumors come from among the Indians at that place, to the effect that two more men have been killed on the Superior Road.  We trust they are unfounded.

DIED IN PRISON.—We neglected to chronicle the death of two of our brave Soldier boys, who enlisted with Captain SAMUEL [Maurice M. Samuel], Company F., 1st Wis. Vol., in 1861.  They were captured at the battle of Chickamauga, and sent to Libby Prison, where under the cruel treatment of their captures they fell victims of want and starvation.  God curse the inhuman monsters who thus cruelly treat captured men.  May they meet with just punishment, in their entire overthrow and extermination.¹

THE THIRTIETH.—We understand that the 30th Regiment has gone to St. Louis on their way to Nashville, thence to join Sherman.  [William T. Sherman]

CLUB MEETING.—Let all the members remember the Club meeting on Monday evening next.  Let the house be full that all may rejoice over our victory.

CHICAGO CO., MINN.—The election in Chicago County passed off quietly.  Taylor’s Falls gave Lincoln 80 majority.  Sweet Lake polled 102 votes, 100 of which were for Honest Old Abe.  [Abraham Lincoln]

Resolutions Adopted by the Polk County Democratic Club.

RESOLVED, That the thanks of this Club are due and hereby tendered to Mr. and Mrs. Rice Webb, for the kindness they have manifested towards us in furnishing us with room and lights, when holding our meetings, and entertaining the ladies while making our flag.

RESOLVED, That the thanks of this Club are due Mr. Merril Nason for the assistance he has rendered in work &c, to this association, at various times when called upon.

RESOLVED, That the thanks of this Club are hereby tendered to Mr. J. F. Abbott for the free use of his Hall on different occasions.

RESOLVED, That the thanks of this Club are due and hereby tendered to the Democratic Ladies of this County, and more especially to those who tendered assistance in preparing the Club flag.  Long may they live ! they will always be remembered as hearty co-operators in the furtherance of Democratic principles, in Polk Co.  God bless them.

RESOLVED, That the thanks of this Club are due and hereby tendered to the different officers of this association, for the enterprising and business like manner in which they have discharged their duties.  May they ever remain true to the faith.

RESOLVED, That the thanks of this Club, are due and hereby tendered to Mr. Barnes, Herbert Wilson and others, for furnishing music whenever called upon.

Signed, DANIEL MEARS, President.

AMOS S. FRAY, Secretary.

GEN. GAYLORD.—We are glad to see that the Adjutant General has so far recovered from his late attack of diathermy as to be out and able to attend to the duties of his office.—Madison Journal.  [Augustus Gaylord]

“We would advise all parties to make their purchases, and to effect their business arrangements with a view to an inevitable and certain advance in prices.”—St. Paul Pioneer, after election.

From the above we suppose that the Pioneer does not like the defeat of its party over much. But there is one thing we do not believe will advance in price under its advice, and that is, the political influence of the Pioneer. It can be bought just as cheap now as ever, and it is almost time for it to turn another somersault.

HOW THE THING STANDS.—In 1860 the vote stood Lincoln 199, opposition 135 in this county; majority for Lincoln 64. The whole number of votes cast in 1860 was 331.

The vote stands thus for 1864.—Lincoln 175. McClellan 107, majority for Lincoln 68. Whole number of votes cast 282.

When we get the returns from our “boys in blue” we shall probably be able to announce an increase of Lincoln’s majority to 112. This we think will do very well.

From The Prescott Journal:

Mark A. Fulton.

MARK A. FULTON is elected to the Assembly by not less than 450 majority on the home vote.  The soldiers will give him all they have.  That will do.

Finger002  JOHN W. WINN lost a leg on the field of battle, but he returns show that he can outrun “any other man.”

RETURNED.—Quite a number of the members of Co. A. 12th Reg., have returned within a few days.  Their term of service having expired.  They all meet a warm welcome home.

Finger002  The Ladies Loyal League of this city will meet in the basement of the Brick Church, on Friday evening, the 18th inst.  A full attendance is requested.

Finger002  The following, which we copy form the Pioneer, of the 8th, is the soundest article we have read in that paper for months :

Let us be sure to vote every one of us, and, if fairly beaten, acquiesce in the verdict of the American people.


Wanted to Know ?

Enquiry is being made for the location of the “Democratic stronghold” in this county.

Diamond Bluff has been taken—Trenton has surrendered—Hartland has capitulated—Martel has “come down”—Perry is redeemed—the First ward of Prescott has gone for Old Abe.

We wait to hear from El Paso.


E. JOURNAL :—”We have met the enemy, and they are ours,” was the memorable dispatch of Com. PERRY when he fought and conquered the enemies of our Government on Lake Erie, and thank God, the town of Perry can send you a like dispatch to-night.  We have met the enemy, and beat them four votes, which is much better than we expected, and good enough for Perry.—G. W. C.

GRANT’S LAST MOVEMENT.—The World’s Potomac special says of the recent operations in Virginia, considering the extent of the movements and the number of men engaged, there was very little fighting.  No cannon were used by either side till at the time of the formation of our line of battle, when we placed several batteries in position for the purpose of shelling the woods which still intervened.  The reason none had been used previously was that the woods were so extensive and dense as to render it almost impossible.  After our batteries opened, the rebels were not long in replying, but poured in grape, canister and shells quite freely along nearly the entire from between our  skirmish line and the enemy. There was also severe fighting and the former entered the woods which separated them.  The opposing armies only maintained their lines.  The loss will not be heavy on either side. The result of the movement has been to drive the rebels from a district eight miles long by three wide, a large portion of which is thickly wooded, into breast works, along our front, almost, if not quite, as strong as those in front of Petersburg.

1.  Odd that the editor did not mention the names of the two men. One was David C. Burr, mentioned in last week’s Prescott Journal. The other could have been Duncan McKinzie, from Taylor’s Falls, who was also taken prisoner at Chickamauga and died July 7, 1864, at Andersonville Prison; or Thomas B. Pickett, from Saint Croix Falls, also taken prisoner at Chickamauga and died July 18, 1864, at Andersonville

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