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1864 November 19: Nothing Special from Grant; Sherman’s Movements a Matter of Conjecture; McClellan Resigns His Commission

November 19, 2014

Following is the weekly summary of war news from The Polk County Press of November 19, 1864, and the very small “The News” column from The Prescott Journal of the same date.

From The Polk Press:

 News Summary.

Owing to our regular mail changes, we are obliged to go to press with very little news.

— Considerable skirmishing has taken place in Grant’s front.  [Ulysses S. Grant]

— The Richmond “Sentinel” says a large fleet of iron clads are in James River below Dutch Gap.  It also says that the Union forces have not yet made any preparation for winter quarters, and that it is rumored Grant contemplates a movement on Wilmington by way of Weldon, and that he is already sending troops to the latter place.

— The “Gazette’s” Nashville despatch denies the reported evacuation and burning of Atlanta, and destruction of the Chattanooga Railroad.

— The ‘Commercial’s’ Washington special insists that Gen. McClellan has resigned his commission in the army, and that the resignation was received at the War Department yesterday.  [George B. McClellan]

— The Chicago “Tribune” says Gen. Sherman recently uttered the following words: “Hood has crossed the Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina are at my mercy, and I shall strike.  Do not be anxious about me.  I am all right.”  [William T. Sherman, John Bell Hood]

— Lincoln’s majority in Maine, on the home vote is 10,000; to be increased by the soldier’s vote.  [Abraham Lincoln]

— The merchants of New York are going to furnish the soldiers of Grant’s army with a Thanksgiving dinner.

— Dispatches from the Pacific coast dated Nov. 9th, in St. Joseph papers, say San Francisco gives Lincoln 5,000 majority.  It is estimated that California gives Lincoln 25,000 majority.  Nevada and Oregon are both claimed for Lincoln by 2000 majority.

— Jeff Davis’ currency has been almost entirely repudiated by the rebels of Texas, only gold and silver will be accepted.  [Jefferson Davis]

From The Prescott Journal:

The News.

— There is nothing special from Grant.  Sherman’s movements are a matter of conjecture.

— M’Clellan has resigned his commission as Major General.  Sheridan has been appointed Major General in the regular army.

— New York gives Lincoln 8,000 majority, and Fenton for Governor 9,000.

— An immense fleet is being collected in New York, under Admiral Porter.  It means business.

— It is reported that Stanton will be appointed Chief Justice, and Butler Secretary of War.

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