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1864 November 19: Swift U.S. General Hospital Opens at Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien

November 20, 2014

The following lists of sick and wounded soldiers in hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri, and at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, come from The Prescott Journal of November 19, 1864.

In November 1864, The Swift United States Army General Hospital opened at Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, in November 1864.  In the one year of its existence 1,468 men from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa regiments received care there.  The need for space was so great that the Hospital operated in two locations.  The main facility of the Swift Hospital was located south of Fort Crawford in a three-story building that had originally been constructed as a hotel.  Men from Wisconsin regiments were cared for in this building.  Men from the Minnesota and Iowa regiments were housed in the Fort Crawford Hospital and one of the fort barracks.

Sick and Wounded Wisconsin Soldiers at St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 1, 1864.

The following is a list of changes to the U. S. General Hospital and Post Hospital at St. Louis, Mo., of sick and wounded Wisconsin soldiers, since the last report to October 1st :


Edward F. Briggs, C, 32d, from Jefferson barracks Oct. 1.
Peter Christian, K, 8th, from Jefferson barracks Oct. 1.
Newell E. Combs, G, 22d, from Jefferson barracks Oct. 1.
Wm. A. Robbins, D, 32d, from Jefferson barracks Oct. 1.
Corp. John Oonk, I, 1st, from Jefferson barracks Oct. 3.
James W. Sawyer, 1st bat., from Jefferson barracks Oct. 3.
Wm. Mullin, C, 33d, from Jefferson barracks Oct. 11.
Absalom Blakeman, A, 10th, from U. S. Marine, Oct. 11.
Wm. A. Johnson, F, 11th, from Benton barracks.
Sam. L. Stickles, G, 11th, from Benton barracks.
Henry Besnt, K, 1st, from Benton barracks.


Geo. W. Spehr, G, 21st, Jefferson barracks, Oct. 1.
Amos P. Semers, I, 12th, Jefferson barracks, Oct. 11.
Erasidus Johnson, H, 1st, cav., Jefferson barracks, Oct. 23.
Sebastian Lester, D, 8th, Jefferson barracks.
Corp. Henry Wright, F, 35th, Jefferson barracks.
Wm. Williams, I, 21st, Marine.


Gilas Ford, H, 12th, phthis pulmonalis, October 5.
Thomas Andis, A, 1st cav., chronic diarrhea, Oct. 8.
Samuel Richardson, D, 25th, hemorroids, Oct 8.
Serg’t Harrison Lovelace, K, 22d, wounded in arm, Oct. 14.
Corp. Theodore Lane, A, 22d, wounded in head, Oct. 14.
Seth Rogers, A, 25th, chronic diarrhea, Oct. 17.
Christian Jaeger, B, 26th, wounded in thigh, Oct. 18.
Jacob Shadle, G, 11th, injury to foot, October 20.
Davis Fieldon, D, 11th, phthiss pulmonalis, Oct. 20.


Henry F. Smith, D, 28th, fever, Jefferson barracks, Oct. 26.


Henry Whitienburg, 3d cav., Oct 19.
Jacob Frederick, F, 4th cav.
David Barristed, B, 4th cav.
Thomas Taylor, I, 17th.
Conrad Plenkey, A, 27th.
Henry W. Landsdale, A, 28th.

Respectfully submitted,
.                               .GEO. W. STURGES,
.                          .Wisconsin State Agent.

The U. S. Hospital at Prairie du Chien. 

Prairie du Chien, Wis. Nov. 6. }

EDITOR SENTINEL :—The above General Hospital at this place under charge of Surgeon A. M. Kelly, was opened on the 4th inst., by the reception of 198 sick and wounded soldiers, transferred from Jefferson Barracks, Mo. The building fitted up for a hospital is the “Brisbois House,” in the lower town of Prairie du Chien, Wis. is well adapted for such purposes.

Most of the soldiers transferred belong to Minnesota regiments. The following is a list of Wisconsin soldiers now inmates of  this Hospital :

. Ira W. Tracy, D, 33d. Levi. P. Bunce, F, 27th.
Thomas F. Jones, I, 33d. Johann Fernisse, F, 27th.
Wm. M. Wilkins, F, 33d. Lloyd Breck, C, 28th.
C. W. Russell, D, 25th. Fred J. Cager, L, 8th.
C. D. Gorman, B, 8th. Issac Nichols, D, 32d.
Henry Baker, A, 28th. Ira Bacon, I, 32d.
George Corkett, D, 28th. Severt Johnson, H, 27th.
John A. Nelson, D, 28th. David Minnick, F, 27th.
Wm. Joecks, A, 35th. John J. Pelton, 7th Battery.
Edmond Madison, I, 33d. Charles Corbet, B, 8th Infantry.
Wm. Smart, H, 3d cavalry. Hiram Dorn, H, 8th.
Franz Enders, E, 3d. James P. Cox, H, 25th.
Alden B. Williams, L, 3d. Peter Johnson, E, 15th.
Thomas Butler, L, 3d. Simon Peterson, D, 15th.
James McCall, B, 3d. Wm. H. Connor, B, 15th.
John Kelly, B, 3d. John Kynasten, D, 28th.
Andrew Zeh, B, 3d. George Bristor, I, 33d.
Herman Shrader, B, 3d. John M. Pomeroy, B, 22d.
Geo. M. Ross, D, 8th. Geo. D. Allen, A, 28th.
Benj. F. Bennett, G, 3d. Rasmus Larson, H, 28th.
Albert Tuttle, E, 3d. Wm. Webb, F, 28th.
Richard Libby, H, 3d. Gottlieb Drews, A, 9th.
Robert H. Maftin, G, 3d. Asle Vaugen, H, 27th.
Jacob Fernan, I, 27th. L. O’Brien, G, 3d Cavalry.
Joseph Wollmer, I, 27th. J. C. Critton, D, 27th Infantry.
Daniel M. Buchanan, F, 27th. Joseph Mistell, D, 28th.

CHARLES GEROKE, Hospital Steward,
U. S. Gen. Hosp’l. Prairie du Chien, Wis.

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