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1864 November 19: Promotion, Furlough, Desertion, and One Soldier’s Marriage

November 25, 2014

The following smaller items are from The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal of November 19, 1864.

From The Polk County Press:

— Mrs. Gov. Harvey [Cordelia A. P. Harvey], of this State, who has actively administered to the wants of the Wisconsin soldiers during the war, was complimented at Vicksburg, a few days ago, with the gift of a handsome gold watch, purchased by the 2nd Wisconsin cavalry.  Her little speech in reply to the presentation address contained this pretty passage :

“Soldiers ! May your every heartthrob be as strong steady and true as the tick of your treasured gift ; your every wish pure as its polished gold; every loyal aspiration full and free as my gratitude to you !”

— Grant’s army have not gone into winter quarters.  It is stated that he is to make a winter campaign, and strike hard.

BOUNTY JUMPER.—We learn from a reliable source that JAMES M. LANE, who has just been tried and convicted for Larceny, proves to be a bounty jumper and a deserter.  It is said that he has twice enlisted and received bounty, and deserted from some New York regiment.  We trust this lesson will teach him that the way of an honest man is best, and that that of a rogue is a hard one to travel.  He will probably find himself soon where there will be no long marches—but plenty of drill and discipline.

CIRCUIT COURT.—At the regular term of the Circuit Court which commenced in this village on Monday last, Judge S. H. CLOUGH, presiding, JAMES M. LANE, was indited, tried and convicted of the crime of larceny in the dwelling house of MILTON PARKER of Osceola.  H. D. BARRON, of St. Croix Falls, District Attorney, prosecuted, and H. N. SETZER, of Taylor Falls, defended the prisoner.  At the time we go to press, sentence has not been passed.  The prisoner will probably be sentenced to State Prison.

LATER.—We stop the press to announce that the Judge has sentenced LANE to one year’s imprisonment in the State Prison.

News from the South.

NEW YORK, Nov. 12.—Late Richmond papers contain the proceedings of the rebel congress.  The Judiciary committee were directed to enquire into the expediency of requiring citizens liable to military duty, absent from the country not on public business, to return and assist in the public defense, on pain of confiscation of their property, disfranchisements after the war, or other adequate penalties.

Mr. Foote [Henry S. Foote], of Mississippi, introduced and spoke in support if a resolution, asserting it unnecessary and inexpedient at present to arm the slaves, but said in case the white element should become exhausted, he would then favor the proposition to make soldiers of the slaves.

The Wilmington N.C., papers state that Washington in that State has been evacuated by the rebel soldiers.

The report of the rebel Secretary of the Treasury is very doubtful.—He says he can only negotiate $185 if currency equal to $6 specie for $100,000 confederate bonds.

From Arkansas.

 NEW YORK, Nov. 12—Report from Little Rock that Capt. White of Gen. Steele’s army [Frederick Steele], on the 26d ult., after a hard fought battle of four hours, captured an entire rebel train of 85 wagons, 200 horses and mules and $11,000 in money, and scattered to the mountains the force accompanying the train, which was one sent ahead of the main portion of his retreating army by Price [Sterling Price], with the design of saving it.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002  John Winn is keeping the Ellsworth House in good shape.  We predict he will be as popular in the character of landlord, as he is as a county officer.

Finger002  We slip the following from the Philadelphia Inquirer, of the 7th :

Married, on Thursday, November 3d, 1864, at the Second Baptist Church, Wilmington, by the Rev. James S. Dickerson.  BENJAMIN NAGLER MEEDS, of River Falls, Wisconsin, to ELEANOR NELSON, youngest daughter of Samuel L. Tindall, of Wilmington, Delaware.

— Capt. P. V. Wise is home on furlough.

— Darwin Kinney, Co. B. 6th, who was wounded in the attack on the Weldon Road, is home on furlough.  He is still suffering from the effect of the wound.

— John H. McLaughlin has been commissioned 1st Lt. Co. I, 1st Wis. Heavy Artillery.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 14.—Information is received to-day that the steamboat Tulip, attached to the Potomac flotilla, exploded her boiler on Friday down river, causing a frightful sacrifice of life.  Of sixty five persons aboard only ten are yet accounted for.

Col. Sam Medary, a well known politician of the peace stripe, and editor of The Crisis, died in Columbus, O., on the 7th inst.

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