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1864 November 26: Polk County’s Support of the War Effort—Part II

November 29, 2014

The following lists of men from Polk County serving in the Civil War is a continuation of yesterday’s post and comes from the November 26, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press.  In the lists, an asterisk (*) means that man died of disease, and a cross (†) means the man was killed in action.  Several other symbols are used but may mean something different depending on the town or village list it is used in; look for the meaning at the end of each particular list.

Done Towards Suppressing the
Slaveholder’s Rebellion.


We have taken pains to collect the following facts and figures, for the purpose of showing what our county has done towards sustaining the Administration in its efforts to punish the enemy, and save the Union.  [see yesterday’s post for the full preface]



. H. T. French, 1st Minnesota Vol. In.
Charles Rowley, do do
Charles Rickets, do do
Lyman Squires, do do
M. M. Samuel, Co. F, 1st Wis. Volunteers.
W. J. Vincent, do do
E. M. Coe, do do
Sinen Lillis, do do
E. H. Hoover, do do
† Duncan McKenzie, do do
Ed. Warrendorph, do do
G. W. Gore, do do
† John Ellis, do do
G. W. Truman, do do
Wm. Beedey, do do}
P. U. Turgerson, transferred to 21st}
Allen Worster, Co. D, 30th Wis. Vol.
Horrace Bennett, do do
Parley Tuttle, do do
John H. Blanding, do do
Virgil Follett, do do
W. S. Peek, do do
*Geo. W. Longfellow, do do
John Walsh, Co. D, 2d Wis. Cavalry.
M. Leosch, do do
Eli Tuttle, do do
Chas. Mergau, do do
§ John Brawn, do do
§ Wm. Moody, Vet., do do
§ David Orne, do do
Peter Ameson, do do
John Cristie, 10th Wis. Battery.
Samuel Emory, do do
C. D. Emory, 1st Minnesota Battery.
C. H. Churchill, do do
John Johnson, do do
Scott LePrairie, do do
Benj. Lego, do do
Louis January, 6th Minnesota Volunteers.
Joseph January, do do
John Bennett, do do
Geo. A. McDonald, do do
Hiram Thomas, 7th Minnesota Vol.
J. W. Bellamy, do do
J. Clendeaning, do do
C. H. Churchill, Vet., 38th Wis. Vol.
Henry Worth, do do
Buel Goodsell, do do
Eugene McIntosh, do do
Erza Jewell, 1st Minn. Heavy Artillery.
Thomas Peck, do do
J. C. Beede, do do
James Lillis, 11th Minnesota Volunteers.
Wm. Jewell, 4th Wis. Cav. Co. G.
Samuel Jewell, do do
William Foster, do do
Orin Weymonth, 7th Wis. Volunteers.
John Rice, do do
Michael McHugh, do do
§ James Rice, do do
§ John Buck, do do
§ Charles Heart, do do
§ † John R. Day, do do
George Samuel, do do
§ Thos. Heart, do do
§ John Moses, do do
§ Joseph Morrow, do do
Joseph Cadotte, do do
John Matweos, 42th Wis. Volunteers.
James Money, do do
R. O. Murphy, 8th Wis. Volunteers.
A. L. Hungerford, do do
Wm. McKinley, do do
Levi Fee, 20th Wisconsin Volunteers.
Jos. Loueless, do do
. ..

* Died of disease.  † Killed.  ¦ Starved to death in Libby Prison.  § Enlisted for Osceola.

Amount of town and private bounty paid volunteers, $2,950.00.

No. of Volunteers including veteran enlistments 76 ; number by draft, held to service and commuted, 10. Total number of men furnished the Government 86.

NOTE.—In 1860 there were but 80 votes polled in this town. Considering this fact, and the fact that the town has furnished the material for 86 soldiers, we consider it the Banner Town.


.         .CO. G, FOURTH CAVALRY.
Joseph Nutter, M. A. Feeland, Vet.
Gyrille Boucher, George Rice,
Geo. Hayes, Vet. W. D. Kent, Vet.
Dol S. Feeland, Vet., Byron S. Kinyon, Vet.
M. J. Kinyon, Vet. Peter Moore, Vet.
Wm. Foster, Vet. S. L. Tibbits, Vet.
A. Anderson, Vet. John Turnbill,
Thomas Raymond, David Needham,
                 .Henry T. French.
                .TENTH BATTERY.
Oscar A. Clark, M. T. Catlin,
John Maes, Joseph Peak,
* Seven Lund, Olof Swing,
John Frood, John McDonald,
Mark Walton, John Mitchel, Vet.
          .CO. A, 30th REGIMENT.
Fred. A. Dresser, Arthur Godfrey,
                 .George Godfrey.
* D. B. Northrop, 12th Wis. vol.
Webb S. Scavey, Co. H, 5th Iowa Cavalry.
§ Richard Turnbill, Co. G, 7th Wis. vol.
§ Peter Delp, do do
|| George W. Davis, do do
              .CO. D, 2D CAVALRY.
Daniel Mears, C. E. Mears,
Wm. Williams, Frank Smith,
Robt. Downend, John McCourt, Vet.
John Riley, Wm. Haney,
A. J. Clark, E. C. Treadwell,
Geo. S. Clark, Isaac Hale,
Robt. N. Kent, Albert Nason,
Benjamin Bergin.
C. P. Garlick, Surgeon, 35th, Wis. vol.
John Mitchell, Co. F, 1st Wis. vol.
John F. Lenfest, do do
Gus. Mrrletts [sic],¹ do do
‡ Thomas Picket, do do
D. S. Clark, do do

 No. of Volunteers including veteran re-enlistments 68.  By draft two.  Total 70.
Amount of town and private bounty paid volunteers, $3,500.

§ Enlisted for St. Croix Falls.  * Died of disease.  ‡ Starved to death in Libby Prison.  || Enlisted for Farmington.

NOTE.—This list does not include those volunteers which have enlisted for the town, but who reside in other towns.  Their names appear in their respective town’s list, duly credited to Osceola.  They number 11.



Alden  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  $  .600.00
Farmington,  .  .  .  .     3,000.00
Lincoln, .  .  .  .  .  .  .        200.00
St. Croix Falls,  .  .  .    2,950.00
Sterling, .  .  .  .  .  .  .    1,000.00
Osceola, .  .  .  .  .  .  .     3,500.00
.                                      ._______

Total,          .          .          .  $11,250.00


Amount paid by the county to fill the quotas of the different towns, and $5 per month for soldiers’ families, during the past four years,

$ 10,300.00

Total amount paid in bounties,                                                           .$ 21,550.00


Alden ;     –     –     –     –     17
Farmington ; –     –     –     41
Lincoln ;  –     –     –     –        8
St. Croix Falls ;    –     –     86
Sterling ;  –     –     –     –     15
Osceola ;  –     –     –     –     70
.                                        .___


In closing up this article we return thanks to V. M. Babenek of Alden ;  Canute Anderson of Sterling ;  Dougald Kenneday of Farmington ;  P. B. Lacy of St. Croix and Charles H. Staples of Osceola; for furnishing us with volunteer lists; &c.

1.  Marrlett.

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  1. Russell B. Hanson permalink
    April 24, 2017 5:41 pm

    From the 1898 St Croix Valley Standard newspaper:
    The last Thursday in July saw an immense crowd at the Wolf Creek camp fire. Thousands of people. E. H. Hoover delivered the address of welcome and said in part:
    “Comrades. I look back to 1861 when the first and only company (in organization) was
    enlisted at St. Croix Falls. I had the honor of going with it. Here is the muster out roll. One hundred and four were mustered in and forty one mustered out. Capt. Maurice Samuel,
    Lieut. Wm. J. Vincent, Lieut. Seth W. Bulton, G. W. Gore, Sargt. Simon Lillis. Sargt. Joe Mitchell, John Ellis, Duncan McKenzie and Tom Picket; these last two captured at Chickamauga and died in Andersonville prison, and others I will not now mention.”

    The George Emery post of the GAR had been organized at Wolf Creek, Polk, WI on January 15, 1898. We have a photo of the veterans marching to the cemetery.

    • April 25, 2017 9:14 am

      Hi Russ – For anyone else reading your comment, would you tell them who the “we” is that has the photo. Thanks, UWRF Archives

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