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1864 November 26: Lincoln — “I give thanks to the Almighty for this evidence of the people’s resolution to stand by free government and the rights of humanity”

November 30, 2014

The following two small articles were published in The Polk County Press of November 26, 1864.

A Speech of Mr. Lincoln on the Result of the Election.

At a late hour of Tuesday, the 8th inst., President Lincoln [Abraham Lincoln] was serenaded by a club of Pennsylvanians, headed by Capt. Thomas of that State.  Being loudly called for, the President appeared at a window, and spoke as follows :

FRIENDS AND FELLOW CITIZENS :  Even before I had been informed by you that this compliment was paid me by loyal citizens of Pennsylvania friendly to me, I had inferred that you were of that portion of my countrymen who think that the best interests of the nation are to be subserved by the support of the present administration.

I do not pretend to say that you who think so embrace all the patriotizm and loyalty of the country ;  but I do believe, and I trust without personal interest, that the welfare of the country does require that such support and endorsement be given.  I earnestly believe that the consequence of this day’s work, if it be as you assume, and as now seems probable, will be to the lasting advantage, if not to the very salvation of the country.

I cannot at this hour say what has been the result of the election ;  but, whatever it may be, I have no desire to modify this opinion ;  that all who have labored to day in behalf of the Union organization have wrought for the best interests of their country and the world, not only for the present, but for all future ages.

I am thankful to God for this approval of the people ;  but, while deeply grateful for this mark of their confidence in me, if I know my heart, my gratitude is free from any taint of personal triumph.  I do not impugn the motives of any one opposed to me.

It is no pleasure to me to triumph over any one ;  but I give thanks to the Almighty for this evidence of the people’s resolution to stand by free government and the rights of humanity.

The State of Nevada.

The thirty-sixth star has been added to the galaxy on the banner of the United States.  Nevada has been admitted into the Union.  The State embraces the territory within the following boundaries :  the 38th degree longitude west from Washington and the western boundary of California, and west of Utah.  Its area is about eighty-three thousand square miles, and its estimated white population forty thousand.  Gold, silver, mercury, lead, antimony, bituminous coal, salt, cinnabar, alum, mahogany, and other valuable products will render it attractive for future settlement.  The mining region of the new State, as described by Mr. Blake, who was a Commissioner to the London International Exhibition, 1862, in his report to the Governor of Nevada, is an elevated and and [sic] semi-desert region—its surface  a constant succession of longitudinal mountain ranges, with intervening valleys and plains, most of which are independent basins, hemmed in by mountains on all sides, and the whole system without drainage to the sea.  The general elevation of these valleys is over 4,500 ft. above the sea, and the mountains rise from 1,000 to 4,000 feet, and in some instances to 8,000 feet high.  It includes a portion of the Great Interior Basin, and a great portion of it is still unexplored.

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