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1864 December 3: First News of the Battle of Franklin; Milledgeville Falls

December 3, 2014

The following summary of the week’s war-related news is from The Polk County Press of December 3, 1864.

The “Glorious News” that they stopped the press sounds rather like the Battle of Nashville, which is yet to come.  Rather, it refers to the Battle of Franklin, which was fought on November 30, 1864, and was one of the worst disasters of the War for the Confederate army.  General John M. Schofield got the credit for this Union victory.

Union General William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea began on November 15, 1864.  On November 23, General Henry W. Slocum’s troops captured Milledgeville, the state capital of Georgia.


We stop the press to announce that news has just been received by passengers from below, that Thomas’s army in Tennessee has met Hood and given him the roughest thrashing to the war !  Sherman is marching on !  He is grinding treason into powder in Georgia.  There is not enough rebels in the South to whip his gallant army !  The James River canal is finished and our gunboats have passed through !  GRANT IS MOVING !  Look out for breakers !  [George H. Thomas, John Bell HoodUlysses S. Grant]

News Summary.

Roger A. Pryor has fallen into Grant’s hands and is now confined in Fort Lafayette.

— Incendiary fires have been set in New York by rebel sympathizers.—It is said to be an organized attempt to burn the city.

— There is very little if any reliable news from Sherman and we forbear publishing rumors until they are confirmed.  Everything seems to be going on all right.

— The Richmond papers say that Sherman has taken Milledgeville, Ga.  The public buildings, the Governor’s mansion, and the penitentiary were destroyed.  It is said this occurred on Monday the 21st ult.  Milledgeville, is about 100 miles south of Atlanta.  Macon, 30 miles southwest of Milledgeville, is supposed to have been taken about the same time.  Augusta will fall next.  The Richter to the expedition, but as yet, everything “is lovely.”

— The capture of the Pirate Florida, in Brazillian waters, has raised considerable trouble on account of violation of the neutrality laws.  Happily, the Florida was run into off Ft. Monroe, and sunk.  Our government can now apologize, but the rebels can’t get back their vessel.  Of course the collision was purely accidental.

— The Governors of South Carolina and Georgia have issued a proclamation, calling out all the males of the States between the ages of 18 and 15.

— There is every indication that Grant is getting ready to attack Richmond.  It is said, however, that the heavy rains may put off some time.

— Attorney Gen. Bates has resigned.  [Edward Bates]

— News from the blockading squadron off Wilmington, states that the Tallahassee has been run ashore and will prove a total loss.

—The Boston “Journal” says :—”In overhauling the cargo of the blockade runner Hope, now unloading at Lewis’ wharf, a large box was found directed “Mrs. Jefferson Davis.”  On opening the box it was found to contain silk dress patterns, dry goods of different kinds, toys, hosiery, and a variety of articles belonging to a lady’s wardrobe.  It is stated that there is some talk of forwarding the box and contents to Mrs. Abraham Lincoln.”

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