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1865 January 21: Two New Wisconsin Regiments–the 46th and 47th

January 24, 2015

The following article comes from The Prescott Journal of January 21, 1865.

The New Regiments.

The name of the Major of the 46th regiment is Charles H. Ford, instead of Charles F. Ford, as published.

The following 2d Lieutenants have been appointed and conditionally mustered to recruit for the 46th regiment :

Isaac T. Carr, of Monroe, Co. A.
John Megraw, Jr., of Stevens Point, Co. B.
W. R. Kennedy, of Oshkosh, Co. C.  [William]
John E. Grout, of Fall River, Co. D.
James M. [—], of Fitchburg. Co. E.
Henry B. Williams, of Janesville, Co. F.
Thos. W. Hughes, of Darlington, Co. G.
Nels Anderson, of Scandinavia, Co. H.
S. M. Sherman, of York, Co. I.  [Sampson]
Edward F. Wade, of Lincoln, Co. K.

The following appointments of Staff and Line officers have been made for the 47th Regiment :

Arthur W. Delany, of Portage, as Adjutant.
E. T. Kearny, of Fall River, as Quartermaster.  [Edward]
Geo. W. Bird, of Jefferson, as 2d Lt. Co. A.
Charles W. Concklin, of East Troy, as 2d Lt. Co. B.
Leonard La Plante, of Green Bay, as 2d Lt. Co. C.
Alolph [sic] Sarrenson [sic], of Waupaca, as 2d Lt. Co. D.  [Adolph Sorenson]
Wm. Wallace Bird, of Madison, as 2d Lt. Co. E.
Geo. R. Wright, of Milwaukee, as 2d Lt. Co. F.
R. J. O. McGowan, of Waushara, as 2d Lt. Co. G.
Martin Dewey, of Janesville, as 2d Lt. Co. H.
W. G. Curtis, of Fond du Lac, as 2d Lt. Co. I.

By recent orders from the War Department recruiting for new organizations must be carried on exclusively by 2d Lieutenants apppointed [sic] for that purpose, and by the Provost Marshals of the several districts. All recruiting appointments heretofore issued have therefore been revoked, and none will be issued under existing regulations.

The Governor does not intend to raise new Regiments excepting so far as the best interests of the State may demand, but it is a well-established fact, that when the time allowed to fill quotas is short, men can be more readily recruited for new than old organizations. It will be seen that only two Regiments (the 46th and 47th Infantry,) are authorized to be raised under the present call for troops, while the quota of the State is announced by Provost Marshal FRY to be 17,305. [James B. Fry]

Those who prefer going into old organizations can easily do so. The drafted men under the last call have all been sent to organizations in the field, and the same course will undoubtedly be pursued under the present call.

The War Department having declined to discharge enlisted men to enable them to accept commissions as 2d Lieutenants in new regiments, until the commands are raised, and the time for recruiting being limited, it ha[s] been found necessary to appoint 2d Lieutenants from the State at large, who are not now connected with the army, but when companies are raised the Governor will endeavor, so far as practicable, to appoint some of the line officers from the field.

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