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1865 February 11: Brief Notice of the Battle of Hatcher’s Run, and Other News

February 11, 2015

Following is the weekly summary of the news from The Polk County Press of February 11, 1865.

The Battle of Hatcher’s Run¹ was fought February 5-7, 1865.  It was one of a series of Union offensives during the Siege of Petersburg, aimed at cutting off Confederate supply traffic on Boydton Plank Road and the Weldon Railroad west of Petersburg, Virginia.  The Union troops were able to extend their siegeworks, forcing the Confederates to extend their thinning lines.

The News. 

Nothing very important has transpired since our last issue.

The peace movement has proved a failure, as far as immediate results are concerned.  See the Herald’s version of the conference in another column.

— Sherman is moving into South Carolina with is army.  Rebel report places him in the vicinity of Branchville.  [William T. Sherman]

— The army and navy at Fort Fisher are repairing damages, catching blockade runners, &c.  No active movements are expected in that quarter for the present.

— The Supreme Court of Michigan have decided that the soldier’s voting law of that State is unconstitutional.  The Michigan Legislature will make the required amendments so as to conform with the constitution of the State.

Still Later News.

D. W. ARMSTRONG, Esq., who came up from Hudson on Thursday, sends us the St. Paul Press of the 9th inst., which contains news of considerable importance.

SHERMAN is moving into and through South Carolina, in two columns, with Branchville as his objective point.

On the 6th inst., GRANT’S army commenced a movement.  The 5th and part of the 2d Corps were thrown across the Weldon road to Hatcher’s Run, where quite a spirited engagement ensued.  Our losses are stated to be 70 men ;  while the rebels lost a large wagon train loaded with Commissary stores ;  300 in killed and wounded and 600 prisoners ;  besides our forces burnt several grist mills at Fisher’s Run.  Whether the movement is designed as a mere raid or a permanent extension of GRANT’S lines is not known.  [Ulysses S. Grant]

— On the 8th both Houses of Congress joined in Convention, when the electoral votes were canvassed, in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution.  The Vice President announced the result as follows :

Abraham Lincoln, 233 ;  Andrew Johnson, 212 ;  [George B.] McClellan 21 ;  [George H.] Pendleton 21 ;  Abraham Lincoln having received a majority of 117 votes, was duly declared elected President of the U. S. for four years commencing on the 4th of March ;  and Andrew Johnson was declared elected Vice President.

1.  Also known as Dabney’s Mill, Armstrong’s Mill, Rowanty Creek, and Vaughn Road.

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