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1865 February 18: How to Avoid the Draft, Plus New Pierce County Enrollment List

February 19, 2015

The following report on the revision of the draft enrollment in Pierce County comes from the February 18, 1865, issue of The Prescott Journal.  It is written by the editor of the paper, Lute Taylor, who tries to lighten the news.

T H E   D R A F T !

Revision of the Enrollment.

Dr. CAMERON and Commissioner FISHER had two busy days here last week in revising and correcting the enrollment of this county.  The town was thronged with those seeking exemption and those who came from more curiosity.  It looked strange to see humanity rejoicing over its imperfections.  Defects were exhibited as trophies, and infirmities valued as jewels.  For once the lame, halt and blind were in luck.

Our observation convinced us that hernia is a sure thing on exemption—as fatal to the draft as the “Dead-Shot Exterminator” is to bedbugs.  A man may be bad about the “stomick” and it’s no use, but he may be the bully of the neighborhood, and “hernia” is a sure guaranty that he may remain in the bosom of his family till this “cruel war is over.”  The Surgeon has nothing to do with justice or injustice of this ;  it is so writ down in the “regulations.”  To those seeking to avoid the draft, we feelingly say :  Get Hernia.  Quit mutilating your hands or agitating your heart, but get well-developed hernia, and for $25 in Greenbacks or Pierce Co. Orders or five cords of hard wood, we will guarantee an exemption, on penalty, in case of failure, of refunding half the plunder.

Some of the medical men resident in the county were present during the examination, and expressed themselves satisfied with the fairness and skill of the Surgeon.  About 270 applied to the Dr. for exemption, and 101 were stricken off the roll.

Com. FISHER exempted 80 for alienage and over age.  In his room, an old Bible with the applicant’s name entered about 40 years ago, was as sure a thing on exemption as hernia was with the Surgeon.  The following is the list of those exempted by Dr. CAMERON.

A. W. Pools D N Taylor
Geo Newton John Harwell
G N Ross Lewis Wagner
D Marsh James Campbell
Herman Drewes Geo H Hawes
T B Rogers N S Dunbar
W W Trimmer S J Gibson
Thos Cliff E H Bruce
John Conley Geo H Nichols
L Nessel W F Miles
N Robinson J S White
John Murray C F Covell
W R Gates
J P Streeter Thos E Tubbs
C H Crossman Bernard Carolan
Geo Elliott John Hamilton
Geo Pratt Solomon Haycox
Chas Hutchinson R R Collins
Frank J Bell Samuel Hickerson
S W Dickinson Wm S Hudson
P M Simon Chas Boughton
Henry Selvert John Low
E Miner John Murphy
J A Stirrait Ed Ryan
Fred Mercord I F Maynard
J B Davison Fred Baurkemper
L T Leighton
L M Cadwell Joesph Lovett
G W Scribner J N McDonald
Casper Losher Silas McLeroy
Q P Atkinson J M Judkins
Frank J Fellows O H P Case
Frank Hathaway Andrew Kellein
VanBuren Kazer D W Baker
Manuel Beardsley H Felt
John Torkelson Mads Cristopherson
Andrew Tonnason Christen Olesen
Ole Sether Andels Baardsen
Ole Torgeson
David Mountain M D McIntyre
Chris Wilkinson Thad Partch
Gottsfried Newman John Young
Fred Wilkinson
L D Phillips Wm Funk
Chas R Tyler
John Wirth Phillip Huber
Lepper Bedell J B Maynard
B D Eugley A B McCartney
Geo Harpster J M Stout.
B A Green H M White
H C Rote
A E Hodgeman Benjamin Tabor
Hugh Gilmore
B F Way
John W Strong

The revision of the enrollment in the District is completed to-day, but we shall not learn the quota of the sub districts for several days.  It is not probable the draft will come off in the District for several weeks, and it is hoped that a reduction of our quota will be yet made.

P.S—The writer here did not apply for reputation, but merely informed Dr. CAMERON that in view of his ambitious duties as editor of the “Family Paper,” it would be better for the Government that he could in his present spheres of usefulness, rather that be called to the battle field. The Dr. “saw it,” and promised to save us a handsomely engraved certificate of exemption, as soon as the the war is over.

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