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1865 March 25: George Godfrey Dead in Kentucky, C.C. Fisk and Michael Kriemer Not Accepted for Service, Carmie Garlick Discharged, Dave Kennedy Promoted, and Other Local War-Related News

March 31, 2015

Following are the small, local items from The Polk County Press of March 25, 1865.  The Prescott Journal did not publish a newspaper issue on March 25 due to lack of paper.

OBITUARY.—Died in the U. S. Hospital, at Louisville, Ky., of Typhoid fever, GEORGE GODFREY, Co. A. 30th Wis. Volunteers.

A brave soldier, and patriot ;  he has laid down his life that his country might live.  Parents mourn for him,—sisters weep for him, and loyal, patriotic men, reverence his memory.  May he rest in peace.

NOT ACCEPTED.—C. C. FISK, who volunteered for Alden, and MICHAEL KRIEMER, who went for St. Croix Falls, have both returned home, the examining Surgeon at La Crosse, not being willing to pass them into the service.

DISCHARGED.—Our old friend and neighbor, Dr. C. P. GARLICK [Carmine “Carmie” P. Garlick], Surgeon 35th Wis. Vol., owing [to] ill health has been obbliged [sic] to seek, and has obtained his discharge from the service.  He is at present at Yellow Springs, Ohio, and will probably return to this place as soon as navigation is resumed.

OUR QUOTA.—We have received the following statement from Provost Marshal COOPER [Benjamin F. Cooper], giving the quota of each town in the county :


Osceola 7 ;  Farmington 13 ;  St. Croix Falls 11 ;  Alden 4 ;  Lincoln 2 ;  Sterling 0.

“All men put into the service since Dec. 19th 1864, will be credited on these quotas ;  those put in previous to this date are already credited.”


Most of the towns in the Co. have made efforts to fill up their quotas.—Osceola has sent six men, and has secured the seventh.  Farmington has sent none, and the draft will take every able-bodied man in the town.  St. Croix Falls has sent 7, and will probably raise four more.  Alden has sent two and we think will fill up.—Lincoln has sent one man.

SUBSTITUTES.—Our friends at Taylor’s Falls, who were recently called upon by Uncle Sam. to don the blue coat and brass buttons, have been round “these parts” picking up “subs” quite lively during the past week.—NOBLE WILSON and ELLSWORTH TYLER both engaged themselves Monday.  NOBLE goes for Oscar Roos, and TYLER for Wm. Cox.  They each received $600 for their services.

GOOD APPOINTMENT.—We notice that Gov. MILLER [Stephen Miller], of Minnesota, has appointed Capt. EMIL MUNCH, formerly Captain of the 1st Minn. Battery, now of the Veteran Reserve Corps, third Major of the 1st Minn. Heavy Artillery.  Capt. MUNCH is an old resident of Taylor’s Falls.

— The drafted men of Taylor’s Falls have reported to the Pro. Mar. at St. Paul.

PROMOTED.—We learn that our old friend DAVE KENNEDY, formerly editor of the “St. Croix Monitor,” at Taylor’s Falls, has been promoted Orderly Sergeant of Co. C, 7th Minn. Volunteers.

— The 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th Minnesota Vol., have joined Gen. Canby at New Orleans, and are now on the march for Mobile.  [Edward Canby]

— Governor Lewis, of Wisconsin, refuses to be a candidate for re-election, and General Fairchild and John F. Potter are talked of by the Republicans.—St. Paul Press, 18th.  [James T. Lewis, Lucius Fairchild, John F. Potter]

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