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1865 April 8: “Richmond Is Ours!”

April 8, 2015

News of the capture of the Confederate capital appeared in the April 8, 1865, issue of both of our newspapers.

From The Prescott Journal:

The goal of four years bloody work is reached—our prayerful hope is realized—the wished for end is attained.

Richmond is ours!

Last Monday morning our soldiers took possession, after two days of terrible fighting, capturing 15,000 prisoners, 50 cannon, and an immense amount of munitions of war.

The rebels left in hot haste with our conquering legions thundering in pursuit.  Our readers are already acquainted with the particulars, and have shared in general joy which sprang exultant in every patriot hear.  DAVIS [Jefferson Davis] and his chiefs are flying fugitives, and the haughty Capitol where dwelt the brain and whence flowed the life of treason, is now echoing to the tread of our triumphant soldiery.

The war is virtually ended—the last lingering doubt of the result has vanished, and the nation rejoices in the absolute certainty of assured success.  Thanks be to GOD, who giveth us the victory.



From The Polk County Press:

April 8, 1865_fixedTHE NEWS.

We stop the press to announce that we have received, through the kindness of STEPHEN ROWCLIFFE, St. Paul papers to the 6th inst.  They confirm the reports previously received, that GRANT [Ulysses S. Grant] had taken Richmond and Petersburg.  The following official order announced the victory to the country :

CITY POINT, April 3, 11 A. M.

Hon. E. M. Stanton, Sec. of War :

Gen. Weitzel [Godfrey Weitzel] telegraphs as follows:

“We took Richmond at 8:15 this morning.  I captured many guns.  The enemy left in great haste.  The people receive us with enthusiastic demonstrations of joy.”

Details of the taking of Richmond show severe fighting and heavy losses on both sides.

The number of prisoners taken will reach 20,000.

Gen. GRANT is in full pursuit of Lee who is retreating on Lynchburg.  —  GLORY ENOUGH !

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