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1865 April 8: Men in the 30th Wisconsin Hurt When Capturing “Sue Mundy,” Local Quotas and the Draft, Osceola Celebrates the Fall of Richmond

April 14, 2015

Following are the smaller items—many of them local—from the April 8, 1865, issues of The Prescott Journal and The Polk County Press.

From The Prescott Journal:

EXCHANGED.—The following exchanged Wisconsin officers, arrived at Annapolis on the 7th :  Lieut. Wm. A. Pope, 18th Wis., Lieut. C. Colwell, 1st Wis., Adjt. J. H. Jenkins, 21st Wis., Lieut. R. W. Jackson, 21st Wis.

— A detachment of the 30th Wis. about 50 in number, under command of Capt. Otis Marshall, have done a good thing in capturing the notorious guerrilla leader “Sue Mundy,” and two others, Capt. Magruder and Henry Medkiff.

Col. DILL [Daniel J. Dill] having got information as to their whereabouts, sent out the party, who went by boat to Brandenburg, and then into the country about 20 miles where they found the game, and after a short fight captured them.  The following members of the party were wounded.

Everett Wadsworth, Co. A, leg.¹
Johnny White, Co F, breast.²
Serg’t Paddock, Co. K, slight.³
J. A. Robbins, K [sic], Severe in bowels.4

Jerome Clark [sic], alias “Sue Mundy” has been tried and hung ;  the others are in confinement awaiting trial.

—WM. COOK,5  2nd Wis. Cavalry, who has been in rebel prisons for nearly a year, returned home this week.  He fully corroberates [sic] the statements of the of the inhumane treatment of our prisoners by the rebels.  We understand that he intends to re-enlist, and get revenge for the wrongs that he has suffered.

—THE DRAFT.—Dep. Pro. Mar. DALE has received instructions to report those towns in this County, which are not filling their quota, that they may be drafted immediately.  [John L. Dale]

—GEORGE CLEMENTS6 has been commissioned Capt. of Co. B, 50th Reg.  George has won his position by three years faithful service in the “Iron Brigade,” and we record his appointment with pleasure.

—THE QUOTA REDUCED.—Capt. Cooper [Benjamin F. Cooper], Provost Marshall for the Sixth, or Northwestern Wisconsin District has received official advices that a deduction of 633 men was [to] be made from the Quota as [as]signed to this Sixth District.  This will release many towns from the draft—Now, if any towns or sub-districts are short of the quota, let a vigorous effort be made to fill the quota without a draft.—We have steadily maintained that justice would be done and we acknowledge it with pleasure.  This reduction in in accordance with the corrected enrollment, and equal to about one-fourth off.—La Cross Republican.

WISCONSIN MARTYRS.—The following Wisconsin soldiers died in prison, at Danville, Va., from October 21st, 1864, to February 21st, 1865 :

D. Frisbourne, E, 38th, Oct. 23d.
F. Spect, D, 37th, Nov. 1st.
L. Olsien, F, 37th, Nov. 2d.
Corp. A. Westerbrook, D, 37th, Nov. 8th.
O. Mitcham, B, 38th, Nov. 25th.
H. Sprague, G, 27th, Nov. 30th.
John Conway, B, 38th, Dec. 29th.
B. F. Starkey, G, 5th, Jan. 3d.
A. C. Hickman, E, 37th, Jan. 18th.

Finger002  Advices from Nashville state the gratifying fact that arrangements have been completed for a general exchange of prisoners in the Department of the Cumberland.

Finger002  Of the rebel prisoners at Rock Island, 2,500 have already gone to be exchanged, leaving about 2,000 still there.

— A DECISION BY FARRAGUT.—On a point of International law Vice Admiral [David G. Farragut] has been favoring Mr. Seward with a decision.  Seward was enforcing the necessity of strictly observing the duty of neutrality within a marine league of the shore.  “Well Mr. Seward,” said the Vice Admiral, “I learned my international law before you did, and in a rougher school.  When I was a boy, the British took our crew—and me with the rest—prisoners on the coast of South America, with less than half a mile of the shore.  British precedent is good enough for me ;  and if I ever have an opportunity I’ll follow it.”

THE PRAYERS OF THE WICKED.—Friday was observed in the Confederacy as a day of thanksgiving and prayer.  All business was suspended.

The Richmond Examiner is informed by a rebel officer from South Carolina that Sherman has completely devastated that portion of the State through which he passed.  This officer says he has not spared a house in his trace.  [William T. Sherman]

Finger002  JOHN A. J. CRESSWELL has been elected to the U. S. Senate from Maryland, to fill the vacancy made by the death of Governor HICKS.  He is a radical emancipationist.  [Thomas H. Hicks]

From The Polk County Press:

WE ALL FELT GLAD.—Last Wednesday our citizens learned the glorious news of the fall of the traitor’s Capital—Richmond.  Immediately there was a running to and fro of citizens.  The Union Club flag was run up on the PRESS office, and the drum called the “long roll.”  Citizens gathered from all parts of the village—the band got organized and discoursed sweet martial strains.  A procession was formed, headed by the Democratic Club flag and “HANK’s” Martial Band, and marched to the “Armory.”  Here the muskets were distributed and the line formed.  Rev. WM. MCKINLEY took command, and then at the order of “forward” the company paraded through the streets, stopping at every corner to fire a volley of musketry.—Gladness was stamped upon every face.  Lusty cheers were given for “Old Abe,” “Uncle Sam,” Grant, and the “Bully Boys in Blue.” In fact we all felt glorious—and had a “high old time” of it.

NOTICE.— The ladies of Osceola and vicinity contemplate sending a box of goods to the Sanitary Fair, which is to be held next May.  All who feel interested in such a movement are requested to meet at Mrs. Hays’ next Monday afternoon, for the purpose of making necessary arrangements.

— The rebel heart has been so often “fired” that probably it will soon burst.

— Hereafter all our national coins are to have the motto, “In God we trust.”

— Gen. Grant’s medal contains $700 worth of gold, and cost, work and all, $7,000.  [Ulysses S. Grant]

— A Correspondent, says a Boston paper, asks if it is possible to get the name of Gen. Schemmelfenning [Alexander Shimmelfenning], the commander of Charleston, into rhyme.  Guess so :

“The gal’ant Dutchman Schimmelfenning,
Holds Charleston as he would a hen egg.
He grabs the traitors by the ear,
And brings them to their lager beer.
We wish we had a million such men
As this bold rebel hating Dutchman.”

NOT GOING.—T. Y. McCourt, who we announced last week as having enlisted for this town, is not going, it having been ascertained that our quota was full without him.  This saves the citizens of this town about $450.

REDUCTION OF OUR QUOTA.—By an article in the La Crosse “Republican” we see that at last justice has been done the 6th District, at Washington. The quota of the District, has been reduced over six hundred.  This will place many towns “in out of the Draft.”

THE DRAFT.—The draft commenced throughout the United States on the 3d inst., by order of Provost Marshal General FRY.  [James B. Fry]

ABOUT THE DRAFT.—FRIEND SAM :  I have just received an order from Capt. COOPER, the substance of which is as follows :  “If the Towns in this County will furnish their present quota, ‘less one fourth’ that they will be exempt from draft under the present call for 300,000 men.

This will have to be done immediately.

Respectfully yours,
.           .Dep. Pro. Mar.

1.  Everett Wadsworth, from Malone (in Saint Croix County). He was absent, sick, when the Company mustered out. He had been in the Post Hospital in Louisville since March 13, 1865.
2.  John G. White, from River Falls. He was discharged June 16, 1865, on a surgeon’s certificate of disability.
3.  William H. Paddock, from the Town of Troy. He was discharged August 28, 1865, on a surgeon’s certificate of disability.
4.  John A. Robbins, Company H, was from Montrose (in Dane County). He mustered out with the Company on September 20, 1865.
5.  William T. Cook, from Prescott, had been a bugler with the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry, and was taken prisoner March 10, 1864, at Big Black, Mississippi.
6.  George Robinson Clements (1843-1917), from Prescott, was commissioned captain of Company G of the 50th Wisconsin Infantry on March 21, 1865.  He had previously been in the Prescott Guards (Company B, 6th Wisconsin).

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