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1865 April 15: “There will be no more treason—no more ‘Confederacius’—no more civil wars”

April 15, 2015

Both of our local newspapers published editorials on April 15, 1865, looking hopefully to the end of the Civil War.

The Polk County Press:

The Clouds Disappear.

There is rejoicing in the land!  God on his goodness and mercy has given us victory!  The dark clouds have scattered and their silver linings gleam brightly as they float over the nation, leaving behind a clear sky, and a bright cheerful day.

The last prop and support of the rebellion,—the army of Gen. Lee,—has laid down its arms, and surrendered to Lieut. Gen. GRANT, the hero of the age.   Those “mighty legions, whose splendid valor has almost made treason illustrious on a hundred fields, and who, a few days ago, stood behind the triple walls of Petersburg and Richmond, still 80,000 strong, and still hardly less proud, erect, defiant, than when less than a year and a half ago they carried the terror of their arms to the banks of the Susquehanna, have disappeared from the face of the earth forever.”

Thus the treason created “Confederacy,” deprived of its support, sinks into an everlasting grave.  Well may the nation rejoice!  Well may our hearts be gladdened by the glorious deeds of our heroes, for they have saved to us a country; and washed out the stains upon our banner.  The insult to the “old flag” has been avenged, and to-day it floats proudly and defiantly over the stronghold of treason,–from the capitol demo of the bogus “Confederate States of America.”

War has taught us one and all to love and cherish out land of liberty, and the lesson written in the blood of our bravest and best, will not be soon forgotten.  There will be no more rebellions, when the wings of peace spread over us re-united again.—There will be no more treason—no more “Confederacius”—no more civil wars.  The nation has paid dearly for its lesson, and has learned it well. “Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory.”

The following editorial comes from the Hudson Times and was reprinted in The Prescott Journal:

The Triumph of our Army.

The Hudson Times thus eloquently discourses on the results of the recent triumphs of our arms.

These are triumps [sic] not of arms alone, but of principles dearer than life, and as sacred as Christianity.  The triumphs of Right over Wrong, of Justice and Liberty over Tyranny and Oppression —the triumphs of Law and Order over Rebel lion and Anarchy, and of Christianity over Barbarism.

These were the glorious triumphs we met to celebrate—triumphs for which the Brave and Good have fought and prayed through four dark and weary years of bloody conflict.  For these victories our gallant soldiers have endured the privation and hardships of camp and field, and periled limb and life amid the crash of battle.  For the realization of the hope that these victories bring, a nation has offered its best blood of a willing sacrifice.  For these crowning victories have our bravest warriors died, and our suffering soldiers in Southern prison pens, with lips thinned with famine, feebly prayed for the glory of these times, as disease and hunger eat out their lives.

These are not the victories of a day, but of centuries—battles fought not alone for the restoration of the blessings of the Union, and the vindication of its authority, but for Liberty and Humanity the world over and through all time. By these victories have the foundations of the American Republic been laid broader and deeper, and the right and power of the People to rule been established.  These achievements not only give power and prestige to the Nation, and they add lustre to the American name— they illustrate the entire horizon of the Nineteenth Century, and light the world in its march toward Freedom and a better Civilixation [sic].

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