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1865 April 22: Wisconsin Soldiers in St. Louis Hospitals

April 26, 2015

The following list of Wisconsin soldiers comes from The Prescott Journal of April 22, 1865.

Wisconsin Soldiers at St. Louis.

The following is a list of changes in the U. S. General and Post Hospitals at St. Louis of sick and wounded Wisconsin soldiers since report 1st March, 1865, with a list of those remaining in hospital April 1st :


March 10, Jacob Sheefer, F, 33d, chronic diarrhœa, Jefferson Barracks.
March 11, William Hobiernich, G, 1st cav., chronic diarrhœa, Jefferson Barracks.
March 26, Charles E. Southwick, H, 49th, rubecia, Benton Barracks.
March 29, John Drysdale, C, 6th, typhoid fever, Benton Barracks.
March 31, Edward Williams, I, 49th, pneumonia, Benton Barracks.


March 1, Benj. F. Wells, D, 3d cav., aneurism, Fort Scott, Kansas.
March 9, Conrad Nelson, G, 43d, chronic diarrhœa, Jefferson Barracks.
March 13, Thomas J. Baldwin, G, 23d, heart disease, Jefferson Barracks.
March 13, Michael Brusch, H, 16th, deformed feet, Jefferson Barracks.
March 13, Christian Carstan, A, 3d cav., loss of sight, Jefferson Barracks.
March 15, Edward McWilliams, E, 8th, chronic diarrhœa, Jefferson Barracks.
March 15, John C. O’Brien, 3d cav., pleuritis, Fort Scoot, Kansas.
March 20, Truman Rich, A, 8th, gunshot wound, Jefferson Barracks.
March 22, Henry Colburn, E, 1st cav., hernia, Jefferson Barracks.
March 22, John Dodson, H, 31st, chronic diarrhœa, Jefferson Barracks.
March 27, Issac Matocein, II, 18th, gunshot wound, Alexander Barracks.


March 1, Franis M. Sandy, F, 43d.
March 4, Joe R. Wasson, F, 1st cav.
March 8, Chas. Field, C, 26th.
March 8, Joe. R. Morris, F, 12th.
March 8, John Roach, F, 24th.
March 8, Chas. E. Noff, C, 31st.
March 11,  Jules II LeGoff, 12th bat.
March 14, Wm. II Thompson, C, 43d.
March 16, Jas. N. Wickham, D, 17th.
March 18, Simon Herrel, D, 17th.
March 22, Wm. J Neely, C, 43d.
March 22, J.H.A. Toat, H, 14th.
March 22, Isaac Mateosin, H, 18th.
March 28, Christian Cruscius, 1, 26th.
March 28, Geo. Crosby, F, 1st cav.
March 28, John Duff, E, 31st.
March 28, John O’Niel [O’Neal], H, 29th.


 J.J. Blowers, B, 7th, gunshot wound.
Samuel Burke, D, 24th, typhoid fever.
Arch. Camehan, C, 56th, chronic rheumatism.
Isaac Simon, B, 38th, pneumonia.
Seuben S Hoff, B, 48th, bronchitis.
Wm. Edmond, H, 48th, insanity.
Zachariah Taylor, F, 48th, typhoid fever.
John Allen, F, 48th, pneumonia.
Ezra Boyle, C, 48th, typhoid fever.
Johnathan Allen, C, 50th, pneumonia.
O.F. Ingraham, C, 50th, fever.
Hans Jesperaen, B, 50th, measles.
Henry Hurley, E, 50th, fever.
Calvin Boyer, B, 50th, fever.
John Slater, D, 50th,bronchitis.
John S. Gibbs, B, 50th, rheumatism.
Jacob Becker, E, 50th, pneumonia.
Robert Nigerfin,D, 50th, remittent fever.
High Dnning, B, 50th, intermittent fever.
George W Berlin, D, 50th, mumps.
Henry  J. Smith, D, 50th,   ”
Jonathan Hay, B, 50th,      ”
Albert Johnson, B, 50th,    ”
John S. Craft, A, 50th, measles.
Benjamin F. Scriber, B, 50th, tonsilitis.


J.  H. Winn, H, 1st cav., attendant.
Frank Sherer, (bugler,) 3d cav., on duty.
Edward Roberts, F, 22d, attendant.
Corp. J. C. Skinner, H, 22d, attendant.
Adam Baitis, C, 24th,                 ”
Michael Ryan, B, 30th, conjunctivitis.
Corp. Jacob M. Heer, D, 33d, attendant.
Benj. F. Miles, C, 33d, attendant on duty, office.
Francis M. Carter, F, 49th, pneumonia.
Michael Maher, C, 49th, gastric fever.
James Priestly, F, 49th, bronchitis.
Samuel Pauley, F, 49th, pneumonia.
A. E. Sampson, G, 49th, measles.
George D. Farmer, D, 49th, measles.
Edward Williams, I, 49th, pneumonia.
D. N. M. Williams, H, 49th, tonsilitis.


John J. Haszard, 6th battery, under treatment.
Joseph Armstrong, 7th battery,    ”
John D. Miles [Mills], 10th battery, on furlough.
Jacob Heinrich, 12th battery, under treatment.
Corp. Gilbert Moss, C, 1st, H. A.,    ”
James H. Wickham, D, 1st cav., convalescent.
William Heidel, E, 1st cavalry, under treatment.
Ole J. Bradley, K, 1st cav.,                ”
August Parkman, K, 1st cav.,           ”
Moses Hartford, B, 1st cav.,             ”
Jonathan B. Ayres, F, 1st cav.,         ”
George H. Young, K, 1st cav.,          ”
Henry Schultz, A, 3d, under treatment.
Sergt. Andrew Torgerson, G, 3d, under treatment.
Daniel Donaldson, I, 3d, under treatment.
Orion Robinson, I, 8th, convalescent.
William W. Foy, H, 8th, furlough.
John C. Sylvester, H, 8th, on furlough.
Elisha Lampshear, B, 8th, under treatment.
J. L. Tourtelotte, H, 12th, under treatment.
David Dondin, B, 12th, convalescent.
James Camp, E, 12th, on furlough.
John F. Hany, A, 12th, under treatment.
Lewis Brown, F, 12th, convalescent.
Ole Olson, C, 12th, under treatment.
Louis Paul, C, 12th,         ”
David Brunnet, F, 12th,  ”
Ole T. Nash, K, 12th,       ”
Israel T. Patrign, G, 13th, on furlough.
Dexter Blankenship, F, 13th, under treatment.
Charles Rich, K, 13th, on furlough.
James Wolford, B, 14th, to be discharged.
Aaron Baer, A, 14th, under treatment.
John Weber, D, 14th,             ”
Richard Hardman, B, 14th,   ”
Henry D. Wise, H, 14th,         ”
David McCarty, I, 14th,          ”
John Wilson, K, 14th,             ”
Henry Herrick, C, 14th convalescent.
Meir Worlfgang, H, 16th,       ”
Arthur Cornell, C, 16th,          ”
Eagle Halverson, E, 16th,       ”
Thos. Cardmad, G, 16th,         ”
Herman Winde, F, 16th, under treatment.
James O. Hasch, G, 16th,          ”
Andrew Hainedell, —, 17th,      ”
John Pasehell, A, 17th,               ”
William P. Tinkham, —, 18th,  ”
William Pugh, A, 18th,               ”
Robert Richards, F, 18th,            ”
Corp. William McCain, F, 21st, convalescent.
John Carey, H, 21st, under treatment.
H. J. Rosencrans, I, 22d,       ”
W. P. Middleton, H, 22d,      ”
Henry W. Lewis, C, 22d,        ”
Corp. Christ’n Bessinger, E, 24th,
William R. Ellis, H, 25th,        ”
Ole Haginson, B, 25th,             ”
William Long, E, 26th,             ”
Ferdinand Kirshner, H, 26th, ”
Phillip Mattis, H, 26th, under treatment.
Andrew Spaar, D, 26th,       ”
Nelson Sperling, F, 31st, convalesscent.
Omer Gee, B, 32d,                 ”
Joseph W. Edwards, B, 32d, under treatment.
Charles Norton, D, 32d,             ”
Bugler J. M. Moore, B, 32d,      ”
Sylvester F, Bush, F, 33d, convalescent.
Peter F. Chase, D, 32d,              ”
James Shaw, K, 33d,                  ”
Patrick McDonough, K, 33d, under treatment.
William H. Weeks, D, 33d, on furlough.
John Button, A, 43d, under treatment.
Jeremiah Holcomb, A, 43d,      ”
Oliver Brown, F, 43d,                 ”
John Jeilings, E, 43d, on furlough.
Frederick Gremer, B, 46th, under treatment.


Ludwig Dooth, D, 19th, chronic diarrhœa.
Ira Aldrich, D, 19th, anæmia.
Henry King, E, 86th, pneumonia.


Issac Vansice, H, 3d cav., attendant.

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