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1865 May 20: The Surrender of Lee’s Army “unwelcome intelligence” to the Rebel Blockade-runners, and Other News

May 26, 2015

Following are the smaller news items from the May 20, 1865, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Finger002  NICHOLAS F. RULEY¹ was killed by the explosion of the Sultana, April 26, near Memphis, Tennessee.  Mr. RULEY has long been a resident of this city, and his friends deeply mourn his loss.

Finger002  Rev. J. Hyatt Smith, of Philadelphia, in an address to his people said :  “I have heard censure pronounced upon President Lincoln [Abraham Lincoln] because he visited a theatre.  My friends, I look upon a patriot in a theatre as better than [a] copperhead at a prayer meeting.

— SECRETARY SEWARD.—A Washington despatch says :  The condition of Secretary Seward as was such that there is every prospect of his resuming his official duties within a week or ten days.  Already he supervises the important work done in the State Department.  [William H. Seward]

— MR. GEO. FRANCIS TRAIN has been making a speech in defence of Major Gen. Sherman [William T. Sherman].  The General needs no such advocate.  He has one more eloquent and powerful—his past [__]er.  [letters missing on the microfilm]

General News.

— Maj. Gen. Curtis is now in St. Paul.  [Samuel R. Curtis]

— At a little festival gotten up in Waupun, recently, $100 was realized for the Soldiers’ Home in Milwaukee.

— The ladies of Cleveland are going to give a picnic dinner to soldiers soon to be mustered out of the Hospital, on University Heights.

— The soldiers of Iowa Regiments have subscribed about ninety thousand dollars to the Orphans’ Home.

— The first man killed in this war was Daniel Howe,² of New York, at Fort Sumter, in 1861, by the premature discharge of a gun.

— It is said that John W. Forney is again being persistently urged for the position of Secretary of the Navy!  Cameron wants to get back to the Senate.  Oh !  [Simon Cameron]

— The Bermuda Mirror—published in the nest of rebel blockade-runners and pirates—announces the surrender of Lee’s army as “unwelcome intelligence,” indicating “the sad termination of a great cause.”

1.  Nicholas F. Ruley (1844-1865) is listed in the 1860 Federal Census living in Prescott. He is not listed anywhere as having been a Civil War soldier. He may have been a member of the Sultana’s crew, since his father was a steamboat pilot, and he and his brothers worked as steamboatmen.
2.  Sometimes spelled “Hough,” or even “Haugh.”

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