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1865 June 10: Local Parties and Fairs to Raise Money for the Milwaukee Soldiers Home

June 16, 2015

Following are the smaller local news items from the June 10, 1865, issues of The Prescott Journal and The Polk County Press.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002 The party Thursday night was a decided success.  Oh !  don’t we like such men as we saw from Hastings, Hudson, and River Falls.  Don’t we wish we had a thousand or two thousand of such men in Prescott as G. A. Dill, J. W. Beardsley, J. B. Parkhurst, A. H. Young [Austin H. Young], Charley Wilson, O. T. Richmond, and N. S. Dunbar, wouldn’t we have a town !

THE PARTY.—The party on Thursday night last was the most successful one ever held in this place.  For this success we are largely indebted to the citizens of Hastings, among whom were Messrs. DRAPER, BALLARD, WILSON, MARVIN, MACOMBER, MILLS, ENNIS, SMITH, VANZINN, and many others ;  to the citizens of Hudson, among whom were Messrs. DAWSON, WHALEY, WEBB, RALPH TAYLOR, H. A. TAYLOR, RICHARDSON, BANKS, and many whose names we do not now remember.  The Hudson Brass Band embraced this opportunity to pay us a visit and accompany the party here.

River Falls was well represented, owing to the interest taken by P. BURNETT, WM. GREEN, and others.  The net receipts afford a handsome sum for the Milwaukee Fair.

From The Polk County Press:

NOTICE.—By virtue of my office as member of the General Committee and Chairman of the County Committee of the Soldiers’ Home Fair, I do hereby appoint a County Committee, consisting of all the teachers in the public schools of Polk County, whose duty it shall be to be to appoint such sub-committees as they deem best in carrying out the object of the School Department of the Fair, in this Co.

Members of the Committee can correspond with the Chairman of the Co. Com., or directly with William Plankenton, Treasurer, Milwaukee, who will duly acknowledge receipts.

R. H. CLARK, Ch’n Co. Com.

— The lumbermen are about to change the marks on their logs from the old fashioned XXO. &c. to I. S. B. B. & B. E.—Infernal Stillwater Boom Blockade—Break Everybody.

— Why are the people of the Upper St. Croix, like the rebels of South Carolina?  Because they are blockaded and can’t help themselves.

— It is said that Gen. Pope is about to issue one of his famous proclamations for the purpose of raising the blockade of the St. Croix river.  [John Pope]

— The 6th, 21st, 22d, 25th, 26th, 32d and 38th regiments are expected to arrive at Madison in a few days to be mustered out.  540 paroled prisoners from various Wisconsin organizations, have also arrived there to be mustered out.

— The army of the Tennessee is to be mustered out at Louisville.

—In accordance of a general order for vacating all hospitals rented by the Government as speedily as speedily possible, the Harvey Hospital building is being vacated.  the transference of the inmates to the General Hospital at Camp Randall begun to-day.—Madison Journal, 29.


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