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1865 June 17: Grant—“Victory has crowned your valor and secured the purposes of your patriotic hearts”

June 21, 2015

General Ulysses S. Grant’s order comes from the June 17, 1865, issue of The Polk County Press.

Congratulatory Order — The Lieut. General to the United States Armies.

WASHINGTON June 4.“Gen. Grant has issued the following congratulatory address to the armies :

Washington, D. C., June 2. }

General Orders No. 108.

Soldiers of the armies of the United States, by your patriotic devotion to your country in the hour of danger and alarm, your magnificent fighting, bravery and endurance, you have attained the supremacy of the Union and Constitution, overthrown armed opposition to the enforcement of the laws and of the proclamations forever abolishing slavery, the cause and pretext of the rebellion, and opened the way to the rightful authorities to restore order and inaugurate peace on a permanent and enduring basis on every foot of American soil.  Your marches, sieges, and battles, in distance, duration, resolution and brilliancy of results, dim the luster of the world’s past military achievements and will be the patriot[’]s precedent in defense of liberty and right, in all time to come.

In obedience to your country’s call you left your homes and firesides, and volunteered in its defense.  Victory has crowned your valor and secured the purposes of your patriotic hearts, and with the gratitude of your countrymen and the highest honors a great and free nation can accord, you will soon be permitted to return to your homes and families, conscious of having discharged the highest duty of the American citizen.

To achieve these glorious triumphs and secure to ourselves, your fellow countrymen, and posterity, the blessing of free institutions, tens of thousands of your gallant comrades have fallen and sealed the priceless legacy with their lives.  Their graves a grateful nation bedews with tears, honors their memories, and will ever cherish and support their stricken families.

[Signed] .                        .U. S. GRANT,
.                                              .Lieut. General.

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