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1865 June 22: “The remnant of the 10th Battery, composed almost wholly of Polk co. boys, has arrived at Madison”

June 23, 2015

Following are the smaller items of local news from the June 17, 1865, newspapers, The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

THE 10TH BATTERY BOYS.—We learn that the 12th Battery, which contains the remnant of the 10th Battery, composed almost wholly of Polk co. boys, has arrived at Madison, and are there awaiting to be paid off and mustered out.  The boys will soon be home.

OUR DEAD AT ANDERSONVILLE.—The State journal publishes a complete list of Wisconsin’s dead heroes who perished from starvation and cruelty in the prison pen at Andersonville.  In the list we find the names of two Polk Co. boys, members of Co. F, 1st Wis. Vol. :

Thomas B. Pickett, died July 18, 1864.  Duncan McKenzie, July 7th, 1864.  They were both made prisoners at the battle of Chickamauga.

CHARLEY SCOTT, Co. A, 30th Wis., is at home on furlough.

We are glad to learn that the health of our old friend MOSES PEASLEE who returned very sick from the 42d regiment some time ago, is gradually improving.

ROB’T. KENT, Esq., returned home from a six month sojourn at the South, last week Friday.

CAPT. M. M. SAMUEL.—We see by the Knoxville Whig, that Capt. M. M. SAMUEL, formerly of this County, has entered into partnership with Messers. JOSEPH & SMITH, of that city, in the auction and commission business.

— Letters have been received from the boys in the “Scouts.”  They are all safe at New Orleans, under orders for Texas.

— The papers are full of notices of returning troops.

— Asistant [sic] Surgeon MURDOCK, of the 8th Wis. Vet. In.  sends us a copy of the Daily Montgomery Mail, for which he has our thanks.  The firey [sic] editor’s “back down” on the chivalry is refreshing to peruse.  [Henry M. Murdock]

— The very tender-hearted and magnanimous editors of the Milwaukee Sentinel and Dubque [sic] Times, raise their voices in protest against the use of bloodhounds in hunting Indian murderers.  In their perfect security they write their little sermons, and shed their crocodile tears over the barbarous treatment of the “poor Indian.”

We think a very short residence on the Minnesota border would soon cure them of such magnanimous views.  Perhaps if they had seen their wives and children shot down and scalped before them, and they themselves made homeless wanderers in the wilderness, seeking safety in a military post, perhaps, then, they might, on a pinch, kill a “poor Indian.”  Yes indeed, we think the good little boys would so far forget their Sabbath School lessons as to use bloodhounds.

— The Third Illinois Cavalry, nine hundred strong, arrived at St. Paul on the 13th.  They are to help clean out the Indians.

— CAPT. FISK is about fitting out another expedition to the North Western territories.   He intends to make Saint Paul his rendezvous from which he will start by the 15th of July.  We trust that he will take plenty of strychnine with him for the Indians.

— An expedition under Gen. Sully, organized for Indian warfare, started from Sioux City on the 6th inst.  [Alfred Sully]

— Gov. Miller [Stephen Miller], of Minn, announces that he will not accept renomination.

THE SOLDIERS’ HOME BOX.—The ladies of this village shipped their box of articles to the Milwaukee Soldiers’ Home Fair last Friday.  They have prepared a number of articles which we think hard to beat.  Most of the articles are made of carnelians and agates, which are found in large numbers on the shores of the beautiful spring lakes which abound in this county, many of which are splendid specimens of the agate family.

The following is a list of the articles, with the names of the donors :

One shell shield, by Mrs. E. Seavey ;  1 card basket, by Miss Jennie Kidder ;  1 bead watch case, by Miss Hattie Wilson ;  1 agate picture frame and 1 bead bracelet, Mrs. H. C. Goodwin ;  1 agate picture frame and bead bracelet, by Mrs. W. C. Guild ;  2 cone card receivers, by Mrs. Ashael Kimball ;  1 embroidered bead pin cushion, by Mrs. Almena Clough ;  1 pair woolen sticking, by Mrs. C. Kimball ;  5 crochet collar, by Mrs. Mary Foster ;  2 agate picture frames, by Mrs. S. T. Caitlin ;  1 agate church, by Mrs. S. S. Fifield ;  1 pair stockings and 1 undershirt, by Mrs. L. Walker ;  1 baby’s waist, and specimen of petrified moss, by Mrs. W. A. Talboys.

The following articles were made by a committee of ladies from cones and agates contributed by various persons :

Two agate candle sticks, 2 agate vases, 2 agate work boxes, 4 agate monuments, 2 cone brackets, 2 cone picture frames.  Several beautiful specimens of agates have also been contributed.

In addition to this box of articles several contributions of money has been made.  Miss ELLA WALKER and Co. Supt. CLARK, have, we understand made up liberal contributions for the School Department of the Fair.  Quite a number of the Home Fair Journals are also taken in this village.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002  Now that the war is over and Jeff. Davis is captured, it is high time that steps were taken to celebrate the coming fourth [of July] here in the old fashioned style.  What say our citizens in regard to the matter!  [Jefferson Davis]

— The census of this city is completed, and shows a population of 1065 ;  143 foreign birth, 1 blind, and 13 colored.  [1865 Wisconsin state census]

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