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1865 June 24: Alphabetical Record of the Rebellion

June 25, 2015

The following—taken from an unnamed exchange newspaper—was published in The Prescott Journal of June 24, 1865.

Alphabethical [sic] Record of the Rebellion.

An exchange publishes the following :

A — Stands for Andersonville—the ghastly monument of the most revolting outrage of the century.

B — Stands for Booth—let his memory be swallowed up in oblivion.  [John Wilkes Booth]

C — Stands for Canada—the asylum of skedadlers [sic], and the nest in which foul traitors have hatched their eggs of treason.

D — Stands for Davis—the most eminent low comedian, in the female character, of the age.  [Jefferson Davis]

E — Stands for England—an enemy in our adversity ;  a sycophant in our prosperity — (Music by the band ;  air Yankee Doodle)

F — Stands for Freedom—the bulwark of the nation.

G — Stands for Grant—the undertaker who officiated at the burial of the rebellion.  [Ulysses S. Grant]

H — Stands for Hardee—his tactics couldn’t save him.  [William J. Hardee]

I — Stands for Infamy—the spirit of treason.

J — Stands for Justice—give it to the traitors.

K — Stands for Kearsarge—for further particulars see Winslow’s Soothing Syrup.  [USS Kearsarge]

L — Stands for Lincoln—we mourn his loss.  [Abraham Lincoln]

M — Stands for Mason—(more music by the band ;  air, “There came to the beach a poor exile,”¹ etc., etc.)

N — Stand for nowhere the present location of the C. S. A.

O — Stands for “O dear, what can the matter be?”  For answer to this question, apply to Kirby Smith.

P — Stands for peace—nobly won by the gallant soldiers of the Union.

Q — Stands for Quantell [sic]—one of the gorrillas [sic] in the rebel menagerie.  [William Clarke Quantrill]

R — Stands for Rebellion—which is no longer able to stand for itself.

S — Stands for Sherman—he has a friend and vindicator in Grant.  [William T. Sherman]

T — Stands for Treason—with a halter around its neck.

U — Stands for Union—“Now and forever, one and inseperable [sic].”

V — Stands for Victory—Further explanation is unnecessary.

W — Stands for Washington—The nation is true to his memory.

X — Stands for Xtradition—English papers please copy.

Y — Stands for Young America—who stands by the Union.

Z — Stands for Zodiac—the stars are all there.  (Music by the band —

“The Star Spangled Banner, o long may it wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home  of the brave.”

1.  The first line of a poem by Thomas Campbell entitled The Exile of Erin. The full line is, “There came to the beach a poor Exile of Erin.”

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