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1865 July 1: “The Conquering Heroes Come Home,” More Obituaries of Local Soldiers, and Other News

July 7, 2015

Following are the smaller items, many local, from the July 1, 1865, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

THE CONQUERING HEROES COME [HOME.— . . . ]¹ are daily returning to their homes, and are welcomed by our citizens with hearty greetings.

Below will be found a list of arrivals during the past week :

Albert Nason, David Orme, William Moody, John Brawn [sic: Braun], Hiram Fay, Benj. Conners, Julius Dohm, John Demling [sic: Demulling], Samuel Tamset, Charles Vassau, Charles Scott, Alexander Bildo, Silas Emery [sic: Cyrus Emery], Henry Worth, William D. Kent, Charles Fenlason, Geo. Hays, Gus. Peterson, J. Wright, Francis Pigenot, Mark Walton, David Turket, Chas. Tewksbury, John McDonald, Oloff Swain, John Christie, and Thomas Peck.

Welcome home brave boys !

DANCE.—There was an old fashioned good time at the Osceola House hall on Friday evening in honor of our returned soldiers, and all were gay and happy “when this cruel war is over.”

SECOND CAVALRY.—That portion of the 2d Wis. cavalry, which has recently been on service in Memphis, Tenn., has been ordered to move to Alexandria, on Red River, La.—La Crosse Democrat.

DEATH OF BROTHER CARMI P. GARLICK.—The following telegraphic dispatch announces the painful intelligence of the death of Dr. CARMI P. GARLICK, of this place, at Milwaukee yesterday morning :

By telegraph from Milwaukee, June 30th.

To W. A. TALBOYS, Osceola :

Brother Garlick died this morning.  Will send body by to-morrow afternoon train directed to you at Prescott.


There will be a Special Communication of Osceola Lodge No. 134, A. F. & A. M.,² at the Lodge Room, this Friday evening, at 6½ o’clock.  A full attendance is earnestly requested.


DEATH OF LIEUT. CHARLEY EMORY.—We learn from SAMUEL EMORY, Esq., the painful particulars of the death of his son, CHARLES D. EMORY, formerly of the First Minnesota Battery, and subsequently 2d Lieut. of the 8th U. S. Colored Artillery.  Lieut. EMORY resigned his commission and was residing at Vicksburg, where he had but recently married.  While there waiting for his pay, he engaged as 2d mate on one of the Vicksburg and New Orleans packets, and while making his first trip down the river, being broken of his rest by constant duty until exhausted, he laid down on a bundle of hay to sleep.  On being aroused to stand his watch by the 1st mate, he walked half asleep too near the edge of the guard, lost his ballance [sic] and fell overboard, and although desperate efforts were made to save him, the night being dark, he could not be found, and is supposed to have drowned.

This painful news reached his parents, who reside at St. Croix Falls, on the 18th inst.  He leaves a young wife and many friends to mourn his loss.

He was a good soldier, and one of the first to volunteer in defense of his country.

— The assassination trial is over and the decision of the Commission has been laid before the President for his consideration.  [Andrew Johnson]

— The population of the city of Hudson, according to the census just completed, foots up 1,065.  [1865 Wisconsin State Census]

— Ford’s theatre, under the new proprietorship, has been name The Lincoln Memorial Temple, and will be opened on the Fourth of July for religious services.

HALF FARE.—All the railroads in the State have generously agreed to charge only half fare for those wishing to visit the Soldiers’ Home State Fair at Milwaukee.

— A letter in the Rochester Democrat from Fortress Monroe says of Jeff. Davis [Jefferson Davis] :

“He now walks his cell almost constantly, and amuses himself as he approaches either wall by trying to put his finger on the careless flies that dot the whitewashed surface, but they invariably, like the throne he sought to grasp, elude him.  He talks in a loud, strong voice, and is inquisitive.  The privates had strict orders not to speak to him, yet occasionally they will answer a question.”

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002  Gen. BUTLER [Benjamin F. Butler] says :

“I know, from having seen the rolls of 100,000 of the rank and file of the Confederate army, prisoners, that only one in eight was able to sign his name.”

How much better qualified to exercise the right of suffrage are these ignorant rebel soldiers than the loyal blacks ?”

That is the question.

Finger002   Dr. CAMERON, late Surgeon of the Board of Enrollment, has resumed the practice of his profession at La Crosse.  True to his promise last winter, as soon as the war closed, the Dr. sent us a certificate of exemption from the draft.  The Dr. is a kind man—very.—He remembers his friends.

— The latest story about the assassin Payne [aka Lewis Powell] is, that he is an illegitimate son of Jeff. Davis.

Finger002  The total rece[i]pts of the Chicago Fair were about $300,000.

Chicago Fair.—The total cash receipts of the great Fair, up to the hour of closing on Saturday night, exceeded $232,000.  The New England Farm House part of the Fair has been closed.  There is a good [?] and [?] in the Fair buildings to-day.³  To-morrow is the last day exhibition.  The Fair will be open every evening this week, closing finally on Saturday night.  The Arras and Trophy Department, in Bryan Hall, will close to-morrow night; but the Art Galley, Zenobia and the Signing of the Emancipation Proclamation will remain open for an indefinite period.—Chicago Journal, 19th.

1.  A fold in the newspaper obliterates one sentence.
2.  Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.
3.  There is too much type coming through from the other side of the newspaper to make out these words.

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