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1865 July 8: Missing Wisconsin Soldiers

July 13, 2015

This list of missing soldiers from Wisconsin comes from the July 8, 1865, issue of The Prescott Journal.  The list of soldiers’ names was printed in the newspaper in paragraphs, but we have listed each name on its own line to make it easier to read; we also fixed the occasional alphabetizing mistake.  After each entry we added what happened to them, if known.

Missing Wisconsin Soldiers.— Miss Clara Barton,¹ who has established in Washington an agency for obtaining information about missing soldiers, has published a list of men of whom she wishes to find some trace.  Returned soldiers may obtain this list by addressing a letter to Miss Barton.

The following is a list of missing Wisconsin soldiers :

Brown, Edward [F.], A, 13th; [13th U.S. Infantry]
Coburn, Wm. A. [H.], A, 10th; [died October 16, 1864, in Andersonville Prison]
Card, Warren D., H, 33d; [missing in action Canton, Miss., February 24, 1864]
Dubois, Jacob V., B, 36th; [died February 28, 1865, Salisbury, N.C.]
Estey, Amos E., B, 21st; [prisoner at Chickamauga, absent at muster out]
Green, L. Abner, I, 19th; [transferred to Co. B, May 1, 1865]
Griggs, John A., — [E], 36th; [died January 18, 1865, Salisbury, N.C.]
Hall, Hiram R., G, 13th; [mustered out June 13, 1865]
Hitchcock, Joseph, K, 10th; [died November 22, 1864, Florence, S.C.]
McDonald, Isaac H., C, 2d; [transferred June 10, 1864]
Menzies, Frederick, — [D], 5th; [missing in action May 10, 1864, Spottsylvania]
Northcott, Richard [Jr.], H, 10th; [prisoner at Chickamauga, absent at muster out]
Perry, Leslie [J.], — [Field & Staff], 6th; [Com. Sergeant, mustered out July 6, 1865]
Pyle, Amos M., K, 36th; [died December 1864, Salisbury, N.C.]
Sleeper, Hiram H., C, 38th; [died December 28, 1864, Florence, S.C.]
Smith, Albert M., G, 21st; [died October 10, 1864, Andersonville Prison]
Smith, Sanford, E, 19th; [mustered out July 28, 1865]
Van Vickle, Walter M., C, 36th; [died February 2, 1865, Salisbury, S.C.]
Webster, Sergt Alexander C., E, 7th; [died May 7, 1864, in Andersonville Prison]
Wood, Corp. Walter, A, 10th. [mustered out May 30, 1865]
Brown, Ellis, C, 1st; [killed in action July 30, 1864, at Campbellton, Ga.]
Cole, Ezra H., H, 1st; [died May 20, 1865, Benton Barracks, Mo.]
Dent, Wm., E, 1st; [died in Andersonville Prison in August 1864]
Pillsbury, Adoniram Judson, H, 1st; [died September 11, 1864, in Andersonville Prison]
Somerville, Wm. [J.], H, 1st. [died in Andersonville Prison]

1.  Clarissa “Clara” Harlowe Barton (1821-1912) was a pioneering nurse during the Civil War.  She worked to distribute stores, clean field hospitals, apply dressings, and serve food to wounded soldiers near the front, including at the battles of Cedar Mountain, Second Bull Run, Antietam, and Fredericksburg. After the War, she ran the Office of Missing Soldiers to find or identify soldiers killed or missing in action. Barton and her assistants wrote 41,855 replies to inquiries and helped locate more than 22,000 missing men. She traveled to the Andersonville prison camp in Georgia to help identify the dead and missing and install grave markers for 13,000 graves. After the War, she traveled in Europe where she was introduced to the Red Cross, and she was invited to be the representative for the American branch of the Red Cross.

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