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1865 July 22: Wisconsin Soldiers’ Home Fair Receipts, 7th Wisconsin Infantry Review, Population Counts for Polk and St. Croix Counties

July 28, 2015

Following are the smaller items of national interest from the July 22, 1865, issue of The Polk County Press.

— The receipts of the Wisconsin Soldiers’ Home Fair foots up $100,354.77.

— Capt. S. S. Starr, Chief Quartermaster at Savannah, Ga., has our thanks for a late file of Savannah papers.  [Sidney S. Star]

— The Soldier’s Home Fair has closed.  It ha been a perfect success, and its receipts will be considerable over $100,000.

— Wm. Yeo, Jr., formerly of St. Croix Falls gave us a call this week.  He spent last winter in Dixie and is looking in good health.  He is at present a resident of La Crosse.

— We notice the arrival home of more of our brave “boys in blue.”  Since our last mention the following have arrived home:— C. F. Nason, Seth Ayers, Wm. Wright, Samuel Tukesbury, Benj. Bergin, B. F. Conner, Wm. Mitchell, and John Fathke.

— Col. Richardson,¹ in a speech at Madison, says of the returned 7th Regiment, which was under his command :

“It went out with 38 officers and 984 men, has received by enlistment 428 men and by draft 230, making a total of 1, 680 men who have been connected with it.  There were 25 officers and 500 men mustered out came home with the regiment, and the remainder are sick in hospitals or otherwise scattered.—There have been 176 killed in battle, 95 died of wounds, 25 died while prisoners of war out of 57 taken prisoners, and 79 died of disease, making 375 whom the regiment has lost by death, while 41 officers and 694 men have received honorable scars, making 1,120 who had either died or been wounded in the service.”

POPULATION OF ST. CROIX CO.—Under the recent census the population of St. Croix Co.—as appears by a statement published in the Star and Times of last week—is 7,222 ;  the amount of bounties paid volunteers, and soldiers families is $91,806.84.  The population of the city of Hudson is 1,968, instead of 1,060, as given in this paper a short time ago.

CENSUS OF POLK COUNTY.—The census returns of the several towns in the county of Polk, are as follows :

TOWNS. 1860. 1865.
Alden, 157 168
Farmington, 337 425
Osceola, 470 524
St. Croix Falls, 354 420
Sterling, 73 56
Lincoln,            .        86
Total, 14,00² 16,70²
Increase since 1860, 279²

 Considering that the past four years have been years of war and drouth,³ this increase speaks well for our county.


— Governor Fletcher has officially announced the adoption of the Constitution of Missouri by a majority of 1860.  [John C. Fletcher]

— All restrictions on internal, domestic and coastwise commerce, in the territory West of the Mississippi, has been removed.

— Gen. Grant’s monthly pay, income tax deducted, is $1062,70.  This sum is exclusive of commutation of rations, &c., which amount to nearly as much more.  [Ulysses S. Grant]

— Rear Admiral Dupont [sic] has bequeathed $175,000, the amount of his prize money, to establish a National Asylum, in Washington, for the orphans of soldiers and sailors.  [Samuel F. Du Pont]

— The opponents of the new constitution of Missouri, estimated to the Secretary of State, before the returns in his possession were counted, that he could make $150,000 by “shutting his eyes for a short time.”  He wouldn’t close his peepers for any such consideration, and they then entered his office by means of false keys, and ransacked it, hoping to steal the poll-books.  These they failed to find, and the Constitution having been declared ratified, they raise the cry of fraud against an officer whose integrity they failed to corrupt by a bribe.

1.   Hollon Richardson (1835-1916), from Chippewa Falls, enlisted July 10, 1861, as a private in Company A of the 7th, was promoted to 1st lieutenant and then captain of the company. On January 13, 1864, he was promoted to major of the regiment, and was brevetted lieutenant colonel on December 2, 1864. Richardson distinguished himself at Cemetery Hill (Battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 1863), and was wounded at Petersburg and Five Forks. He was brevetted colonel on March 13, 1865, and mustered out with the regiment on July 3, 1865. Richardson was nominated and confirmed for appointment to the grade of brevet brigadier general in 1866, with rank from March 13, 1865. After the War Richardson moved to Washington state where he engaged in land management for the rest of his life.
2.  Besides the commas being in the wrong place, there are some problems with the newspaper’s arithmetic!  The total of 1860 should be 1,391, and the total for 1865 1,679; making the difference between the two year 288.  It would be interesting to see the number of soldier deaths for the county taken into account, but those totals were not yet fully known.
3.  Dialect or poetic form of drought.

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