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1865 July 29: Soldier-Boy Waggery

July 31, 2015

This humorous article appeared in the July 29, 1865, issue of The Polk County Press.

Soldier-Boy Waggery. 

The Columbus (Ohio) Journal says :  “Among the sharp boys in Sherman’s army on the grand march was a graduate of the common schools of Northern Ohio—the only son of a widowed mother.  The fond mother had no word from her son from the time the army left Chattanooga till it reached Atlanta.  She waited for tidings with anxiety—watching daily the newspaper reports.  At length several days after the taking of Atlanta had been announced, a letter was brought her which read as follows :


“Dear Mother :  Bully boy all right. “


“In due time Sherman marched from Atlanta to Savannah. There was a fight behind Savannah. the widdowed [sic] mother read in the newspapers that the company which her boy belonged was in that fight.  With almost sleepless anxiety she waited for news from him.  One day she received a note which read thus :


” Dear Mother : Bully boy got a hole in his hide—not bad”


“In the march of events Sherman’s men reached Washington, were mustered out, and the company to which ” Bob” belonged came to the capital of Ohio.  Here “Bob” had his final honorable discharge, and and when he made it “all right” with the paymaster, and was again a citizen, he sent the following telegram :

                                                           COLUMBUS, _____,

“Dear Mother Bully boy home to-morrow,

                                                           ” BOB.”

“When asked by a friend, to whom the infrequency and brevity of his epistles had been mentioned, why he did not write oftener and at greater length, he answered :

“Bully boy’s got his haversack full.  Kept it all to tell by word of mouth.  Won’t he have a good time talking [to] the old lady?”

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