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1865 August 5: General Fairchild for Governor

August 8, 2015

The following political article comes from the August 5, 1865, issue of The Polk County Press.

— The Sparta Eagle favors Gen. Fairchild [Lucius Fairchild] for Governor, and says :

“It is generally conceded that for Governor, Gen. Lucius Fairchild, our present able and effecient [sic] Secretary of State, stands first as the people’s candidate, and everything indicates that he will be nominated almost unanimously for that high and responsible office.  No man in the State has rendered more gallant and efficient service in the field than Gen. Fairchild, and none of his predecessors, who have filled the position of Secretary of State, have exhibited more signal ability, or given more general satisfaction to the people.  His nomination and election is a foregone conclusion, and lacks only the formula of a convention and an election to place him in the gubernatorial chair, where he will do honor to himself and to the State.”

The Eagle commends Hon. C. C. Pope, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the Senate, last winter, for Lieutenant Governor ;  favors the nomination of Mr. Field for Secretary, and predicts the renomination of Mr. Hastings, for State Treasurer.  It also acknowldges [sic] the good qualifications shown by Hon. Windfield Smith as Attorney General, and mentions Wm. C. Webb and Judge Hubbell as candidates both well qualified for that position.  It favors the renomination of Mr. Ramsey as Bank Comptroller, of Mr. McMynn for State Superintendent, and of Mr. Cordler for State Prison Commissioner.

— It would seem by the following from the Janesville Gazette, that Gen. Fairchild is likely to meet with opposition in the Convention :

“We learn from a private source entitled to the highest credit, that at the earnest solicitation of numerous friends in all parts of the State, General C. C. Washburne [sic: Washburn] of La Crosse, has consented to the a candidate for the nomination, as a candidate for Governor of this State, at the next Union State Convention.  A letter, we are told, will be published from the General in a few days, giving his political and personal friends authority to use his name in that connection.”

— Hon. John F. Potter¹ is also talked of for Governor in some parts of the State.

1  John Fox Potter (1817-1899), nicknamed “Bowie Knife Potter,” was a politician, lawyer, and judge from Wisconsin.

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