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1865 August 19: Prescott Veterans Setting Up Shop, History of the 37th Wisconsin, and Other News

August 24, 2015

Following are the smaller items from The Prescott Journal of August 19, 1865.

— GEO. TICKNOR¹ and LOUIS LUDLUFF² have bought TIM McCUE’S Saloon on the Levee.  The boys are old “vets,” and if they serve their friends as acceptably as they have their country, they will have plenty of them.

— We understand that GEO MAY POWELL, is in New York, and that he has designed and is now getting published, a fine lithograph picture of all the members of Congress who voted for the Anti-Slavery Amendment to the Constitution.

— Newbern, before the war, had a population of 6,000.  It now numbers 30,000 and Northern enterprise is increasing its population at the rate of 10,000 a year.

— William H. Gordon, a citizen of Selma, Alabama, who was lately tried before a military commission at that place, has been found guilty of cruelly treating negroes and causing one Green Hooper, a negro, to be drowned, and sentenced to be hung on Friday, the 4th inst.

— The colored population of New York celebrated the emancipation in the West Indies on the 1st inst., with a great deal of enthusiasm, at Myrtle Avenue Park.  Fred Douglass addressed the sable crowd.  [Frederick Douglass]

— A propelier [sic] is being fitted up at Fortress Monroe, to take the wives and children of the colored troops in Texas to that State.  They have been living in and about Richmond, and are highly pleased a the prospect of joining their husbands and fathers.

Finger002  The State Journal has an interesting table of statistics, giving in brief the history of the 37th Regiment, by companies, showing its gains and losses since entering the service.  It has had 9 officers and 19 men promoted, and has lost 43 officers, and 480 men.

Finger002  The Democratic State Convention is called to meet at Madison for Sept. 20th.  The call is very verbose, and as Jack Turner says, contains a part of every thing except the Lord’s Prayer, and that would have been in, if any of the committee could have repeated it.  A well developed vein of COPPER runs through the call.  If such men as Charley Robinson, Sam Ryan, and D. W. Ballou, could get possession of the “machine” of the Democratic party, they might perhaps run it successfully, but in the hands of Geo. Paul, Sat. Clark, Fred. Horn, and other of the ilk, it is bound to collapse.

1.  George W. Ticknor, also from Prescott, served in Company A of the 12th Wisconsin Infantry.
2.  Louis J. Ludloff, from Prescott, served in Company B of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry.

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