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1865 September 2: Death of Governor Brough; Provost Marshals’ Offices to be Discharged; News of Davis, Clay, and Mitchel

September 8, 2015

Following are smaller news items from The Prescott Journal of September 2, 1865.

— Gov. BROUGH of Ohio, died on Tuesday last.  [John Brough]

Finger002  While in La Crosse, this week, we viewed a few things around that town, with a more genial, vigorous people, we have never known.—Found JOE ELWELL running the Daily Republican, making it a live, spicy sheet.  The office is well stocked with new material and presses, and showing every evidence of prosperity at which we rejoice greatly.—Had the pleasure of meeting “HEARTSEAGE,” the pleasant lady contributor to the Republican.  The name is comfortably suggestive one, and her writings sparkle with pleasant sentiment and quiet satire.  We shall read them with even more pleasure now that the charm of acquaintanceship with the writer is added.—Called a few moments at “BRICK” POMEROY’S well ordered office [M.M. “Brick” Pomeroy].  Brick, as is well known, is bundle of contradictions.  Personally affable and courteous, and politically loathsome, it can truly be said of him, as JOHN RANDOLPH once said of a cotemprorary [sic], that “like a rotten mackerel, he shines and stinks, and stinks and shines.”—Spent a little time pleasantly with Gen. WASHBURN [C. C. Washburn], and met Dr. CAMERON, who kindly furnished us with a certificate of exemption from the next draft.  He does not see so much of hernia now as he did.—MILTON BARLOW, who should be elected President of “Gideon’s Band,” still contributes to the virtues and good fellowship of La Crosse, and Postmaster LOR TADGE [?], cares nothing about caucuses, and refrains from “figuring” as much as ever.—Called at MICHEL’S Brewery, the best in Northern Wisconsin, and viewed TOM. DAVIS’ splendid livery stables, where the horses have bedsteads to sleep on nights.  La Crosse is thriving.  Everything about it gives evidence of fast increasing business and wealth.

— The New York Times has good authority for the statement that Mr. Robert Lincoln, son of the late President, is shortly to be married to a daughter of Secretary Harlan [James Harlan].

Discharge of Clerks and deputy Provost Marshals.

The following was received at the Provost Marshal’s office at Madison last Wednesday,


To Lt. Col. G. R. Giddings, A. P. M. G.

Require your provost marshals to discharge their deputies and special agents not heretofore discharged and all of their clerks at the end of the present month.

Signed,                    .JAS. B. FRY.  [James B. Fry]

Davis, Clay, and Mitchell [sic].

The correspondent of the Philadelphia Enquirer at Fortress Monroe writes under the date of August 20th :

There is at present nothing to write of Davis and Clay [Jefferson Davis and Clement C. Clay].  Both of them are enjoying the best of health, and are becoming accustomed to their case mate life, agreeably diversified as it is by their daily out-door walks, the perusal of the papers and the daily visits of Chaplain Kerfoot.  And as their trial is deferred day after day and week after week, their once severe regimen much ameliorated, these prisoners are laying the flattering unction to their souls that if ever they should be brought to a tribunal to answer for their enormous crimes, their sentence will be lenient in the extreme.  Ostracism would suit them exceedingly well.

John Mitchell [sic: John Mitchel] is sick.  He has never complained ;  this dogged ingrate never murmured save once, and that was occasioned by his glimpse of Davis and Clay enjoyed their out-door promenade, a privilege denied him.  The physician who visits Mitchell daily, not withstanding  his sullenness, has given it as his opinion that Mitchell [sic] is laboring under the insidious attacks of pulmonary consumption, and that in a few more weeks he will be prostrated if not allowed out-door exercise and a more generous diet than the soldiers’ fare upon which he has hitherto subsisted.  On the conscientious representations of the doctor, Mitchell’s [sic] diet was changed two days ago, and a full and true statement of his physical condition forwarded to the War Department, with the request and recommendation that he too be allowed the privilege of out-door exercise accorded to Davis and Clay.

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