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1865 September 16 : Freedmen’s Bureau Helping to Provide Employment for Destitute Freedmen, All Colored Troops to be Immediately Mustered Out

September 20, 2015

The following comes from the September 16, 1865, issue of The Polk County Press.

Telegraphic News. 

NEW YORK, Sept. 14.— The Tribune’s Whashington [sic] special says :

Only 130 partial rations are issued to destitute freedmen of this city, and the number is rapidly decreasing, owing to the efforts of the freedmen’s bureaus to provide colored citizens of this class with self-sustaining employment.

Lieut. Clark, of Gen. Howard’s staff, has just returned from Harper’s Ferry, for the purpose of investigating freedmen’s affairs in that vicinity, and reports very encouragingly of present prospects.  [O. O. Howard]

WASHINGTON, Sept. 13.— There were issued orders to commanding officers in the departments of North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Alabama and Arkansas, directing them to immediately muster out of service all organizations of colored troops which were enlisted in Northern States and are now serving in their respective commands.

They are to muster out the entire organizations, including all additions thereto by recruits and other causes.  Another order directs the muster out of 3,000 additional white troops in the department of Arkansas.

Maj. Gen. Auger has also been ordered to reduce the volunteer force in his command to 6,000 commission officers and enlisted men.  [Christopher C. Augur]

The Herald’s Washington special says, last evening Secretary Seward [William H. Seward] had a reception, when, in addition to the numerous other visitors, the principal part of the southern delegation, which called upon the President [Andrew Johnson] during the day, were present.  They were received by Mr. Seward and other members of the cabinet in manner equally as frank and affable as that with which they were greeted at the executive mansion.  The tone of remarks by the Secretary of State were similar to those made by the President.  He said the policy was to make the Union firm and equaitable [sic], but at the same time to make sure work of reconstruction.

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