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1865 September 30: Telegraphic Summary

September 30, 2015

The following summary of news comes from the September 30, 1865, issue of both The Prescott Journal and The Polk County Press.  Both papers have identical inside pages, with Milwaukee advertisements.

Telegraphic Summary.

A delegation from Texas is in Washington, urging the release of Jeff Davis.  [Jefferson Davis]

The South Carolina convention has repealed the ordinance of succession—there being three votes in the negative.

The trial of the rebel burners of steamboats commenced in St. Louis, before a military commission, Tuesday.  The counsel for one of the defendants gave notice that he should summon, among his witnesses, Jeff. Davis, the rebel secretaries Seddon [James Seddon] and Mallory [Stephen R. Mallory], and Admirals Farragut [David G. Farragut] and Porter [David D. Porter].

Champ Ferguson’s¹ trial, at Nashville, was closed Tuesday, and the decision of the court has been forwarded to General Stoneman.  [George Stoneman]

In the Indian council at Fort Smith, on Monday, the treaty was signed by the rebel Creeks, Cherokees, Osages, Comanches, Choctaws and Chickasaws.

The late rebel Gen. Pillow is in Washington seeking pardon.  [Gideon J. Pillow]

The total number of colored troops enlisted in the army was 180,000.  Of these, 50,000 have died or been killed, and 60,000 of the remainder have been ordered mustered out.

The Secretary of the Treasury has addressed addressed [sic] a letter to officers of customs, allowing the shipment to the Southern States of firearms and ammunition for sporting, and blast powder for mining purposes, the amounts to be left at their own discretion.

The notorious John H. Surratt, one of the assassination conspirators, and son of Mrs. Surratt [Mary Surratt] who was executed, was recently seen in Montreal where he has been concealed.  He is on the eve of leaving for Scotland.

Private letters from the 12th Illinois cavalry, of September 3d, announce the arrival of Custar’s [sic] Division at Hempshead, Texas,  on the Texas central railroad, forty miles north of Houston, where the command would remain three weeks.  The division is composed of the 5th and 12th Illinois, 7th Indiana, 2d Wisconsin [emphasis added], and 1st Iowa, all cavalry, in two brigades.  It left Alexandria, La., August 8th, and performed the march of nearly 350 miles in nineteen days.  It was expected next to proceed to Austin, 175 miles, stay several weeks, and afterwards to San Antonio, 80 miles, at which latter place Gen. Merritt’s cavalry division is already arrived.   [Wesley Merritt]

In the Alabama State Convention, on the 20th, the provisional Governor was requested, by resolution, to call out the militia for the suppression of prevalent lawlessness.  The consideration of the ordinance abolishing slavery was postponed, after debate, till the following day.

A dispatch from Washington says it is understood that the President regards with disfavor the extent of power exercised by agents of the Freedmen’s Bureau; and he is expected to make some changes in this regard.

The report that Jeff. Davis’ quarters at Fortress Monroe had been changed is contradicted.

Hannibal Hamlin, Horace Greeley, General Fremont and other notabilities, are expected to arrive at Detroit to-day, on board the revenue cutter Commodore Perry.  [Horace Greeley, John C. Fremont]

Fayette McMullen, of Virginia, who was formerly a member of the federal, and latterly of the rebel congress, has received a pardon.

Kenneth Raynor and Alfred Dockery, of North Carolina, and John McQueen, of South Carolina, all formerly members of the United States congress, have also been pardoned.

General Blair, who is in temporary command of the department of the Missouri, during the temporary absence of General Pope, has been assigned to the command of the cavalry in that department.  [Francis P. Blair, John Pope]

Iowa is credited by the provost marshal general with 76,000 troops—3,000 less than she claims.

In the case of the steamboat burner Murphy, at St. Louis, Friday, the motion of his cou[n]sel to summon Jeff. Davis and his cabinet as witnesses, was overruled.

A mutiny has occurred among the troops at Fort Rice, and some of them decamped on government horses.

General Sully’s force has returned from Devil’s lake to Fort Rice.  Nothing was accomplished by the expedition.  [Alfred Sully]

1.  Irregular guerrilla forces under the notorious Champ Ferguson murdered white and black Union soldiers who had been wounded and captured. Ferguson was tried after the War for these and other non-military killings and was found guilty and executed.

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