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1865 October 7: Horace Greeley in Prescott, Repairing Petersburg, and Other News

October 8, 2015

From The Prescott Journal of October 7, 1865.


Married at River Falls, on the 3d. inst., by Rev. A. Gibson [Arrington Gibson], Mr. ALLEN HIGGINS, Serg’t Major 33d Reg. Wis. Volunteers, Kenosha, Wis., and Miss ROSANA FARNSWORTH, of River Falls, Wis.

Finger002  HORACE GREELY spoke here last Saturday evening.  It was late before he arrived, but a large audience collected to see the veteran journalist and politician.


— Major General Banks has made his final adieu to New Orleans.  [Nathaniel P. Banks]

Jefferson Davis has received the present of a case of choice liquor from some friends in Richmond.  He can now “drown his sorrows in the flowing bowl.”

— It is estimated that the sum of fifteen thousand dollars will be required to put the streets of Petersburg, Va., in order.

— The bloodhounds Hero and Jack, used to guard Union prisoners at Richmond and Andersonville, have been bought by George K. Goodwin of Boston, for $1,400.

—Letters recently received from the family of Judge Bates, late Attorney General, represent the health of that distinguished gentleman to be such as to create the most serious apprehensions.  [Edward Bates]

— It is but little known that the first anti-slavery paper started in the United States was published in East Tennessee.  It was called The Emancipator, and published at Greenville, the home of President Johnson, by Benjamin F. Lundy, a Friend in religious faith, and a native of Belmont county, Ohio.

— Brig. Gen. James P. Brownlow, son of the Tennessee “Parson,” is to be married to a daughter of Dr. Cliff of Frankfort.  President Johnson is expected to be present at the wedding.  [William G. “Parson” Brownlow, Andrew Johnson]

— A correspondent describes Provisional Governor Sharkey, of Mississippi, as being the embodiment of conservatism.  His spinal column is proverbially week, he is a pliable as a lump of dough, is immensely gullible, and slightly bibulous.  [William L. Sharkey]

—The Claremont N. H. Advocate says, a lady in Unity, not long since became the mother of a fine daughter.  A few days after, a copperhead neighbor happening in, said to the mother, “Well, I suppose you will call it Abe Lincoln.”  “No,” she replied; “I am sorry I can’t.  Like your friend Jeff. [Jefferson Davis] it will wear petticoats.”  Copperhead vamoosed.

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