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1865 October 14: The 30th Wisconsin Comes Home

October 15, 2015

The following front page article comes from the October 14, 1865, issue of The Prescott Journal.

The Thirtieth.

The 30th Reg. is home.  So large a proportion of the officers and men of this Reg. went from this part of the State, that it has been watched here with more than usual interest.

No regiment in the State was made up of better material, or has more creditably discharged the duties which it was called on to perform.  So trusty was its character and so orderly its deportment that it was long kept in the State, engaged in the difficult and delicate duty of enforcing the draft.  Sent from the State into the far Indian country, it had no opportunity of winning laurels in battle, but it had much hard work, which was cheerfully done.

For considerable time past the regiment has been doing provost duty in Kentucky and has been remarkable for its efficiency, and honorable soldierly conduct.  Many of its members have been detailed to important  places, and Col. DILL has most of the time been Provost Marshal General of the State, and received high praise for the manner in which he filled that difficult position.  [Daniel J. Dill]

The boys are welcome home.  As they left bearing our warm wishes for their safe return, so now we rejoice that so many of them are spared to share in the prosperity and enjoy the peace which again blesses the land.

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