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1865 November 11: Telegraphic Summary

November 19, 2015

The following article comes from The Prescott Journal of November 11, 1865.

Telegraphic Summary.

It is reiterated that Caleb Cushing’s mission to England is in connection with our claims for damages in the cases of the Anglo-rebel pirates; and Mr. C., it is stated, is preparing an elaborate argument on the subject.

Governor Stone’s majority, in all but eight counties of Iowa, is 15,942.

Brigadier General John Cook has been promoted a Major General.

The payment of bounties to colored soldiers who were slaves at the time of their enlistment has been suspended for the present, the Secretary of War holding that the law on the subject as it stands at present, does not warrant such payment.

Since the close of the rebellion, thirty-five new national banks have been organized in the southern state, with an aggregated capital stock of $4,474,400, distributed among the states as follows; Virginia, sixteen banks, capital stock $1,600,000; Tennessee, seven banks, capital stock $1,000,000; North Carolina, two banks, capital stock $100,000; Georgia, three banks, capital stock, $800,000; Alabama three banks, capital stock $400,000; Mississippi, one bank, capital stock $50,000; Louisiana, two banks, capital stock $800,000; Texas, one bank, capital stock $200,000.

In the case of Father Cummings, tried on charge of having preached without having taken the oath of loyalty, the supreme court of Missouri has affirmed the decision of the Pike Circuit Court, amereing him in the sum of $500.

A Washington dispatch states that the President in consequence of recent grossly disloyal action in South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi will change his policy concerning those States; visit them in future with the rigors of martial law, and grant but few amnesties to citizens thereof.

Returns of the gubernatiorial vote in all districts of South Carolina give Orr a majority of 500 over Wade Hampton.  Provisional Governor Perry has been elected United States Senator for the long term.

Great Britain has removed all restrictions upon the United States war vessels in British ports, and it is understood that the British naval commander in the Pacific has been ordered to send cruisers out for the purpose of capturing the Shenandoah.

Generals Hood and Longstreat left Cincinnati for Washington Tuesday.  Gen. Breckinridge, it is reported, will proceed from Canada to Washington, at the request of the President.

In accordance with Secretary Seward’s circular, a large number of claims against foreign governments-mainly for damages sustained by the operations of the Anglo-rebel pirates-have been filed in the State Department.  Mr. Seward is preparing a reply to Earl Russell’s dispatch proposing a commission for the adjustment of certain claims.

Jeff. Davis evidently does not expect to be executed this winter, as he has ordered a new overcoat for his own wear.  A Washington dispatch to the New York Tribune estimates that Davis will escape without punishment.

The payments to the army, since the beginning of the rebellion, amount, it is said, to $1,050,000,000.

Alexander H. Stephens has signified his consent to accept the nomination for governor of Georgia.

Wisconsin has been taken from the military department of the Missouri and sided to the department of the Ohio.

The New York Herald states that Secretary Weller has issued an order directing the immediate preparation for sea of all iron clads now lying idle.

The number of vessels now in the United States naval service is 101, carrying 1,115 guns.

The President has sent a dispatch to Governor Johnson, declaring that Georgia “should not hesitate for a single moment in repudiating every dollar of the debt created for the purpose of aiding the rebellion;” and the governor has sent a message to the convention, urging strongly such repudiation.

The Mississippi House has passed, over Governor Sharkey’s veto, a bill abolishing the special court of equity established by that functionary; and it is considered certain that the bill will also pass the Senate.

Secretary McCulloch, in consequence of the scarcity of small currency, has ordered a large amount of five-cent notes to be issued.

Admiral Porter is now engaged in re-establishing the naval academy at Annapolis, Maryland.  The class of midshipmen just entering numbers one hundred and twenty-five.

Judge Gray, of Texas, has been pardoned at the request of Henry Ward Beecher.

It is rumored at Washington that the President has the case of Wirz under close advisement, “with a view to mitigate as much as possible his punishment.”  Wirz having recovered from his indisposition, his diet has been changed back to the regular army ration, a procedure which meets with his hearty disapprobation.

The Treasury Department has under consideration, a plan for funding the national debt at 5 1-2 per cent interest.

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