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Austin H. Young (d. 1905)

Austin H. Young (d. 1905) was—according to his obituary in the February 23, 1905, River Falls Journal— “a resident of Prescott in the early 60s and was successively while residing there clerk of the court, district attorney and state senator.” He also became a judge, and was the brother of long-time Prescott physician Arthur Young.

In 1863 he ran for the Wisconsin state senate.  The following two articles appeared in the local newspapers.

October 3, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal:


A. H. YOUNG Esq., of this city, has received the Union nomination for Senator from this district. He is so well known to most of our readers, that it is not necessary to assure them that the nomination is a good one.

Mr. YOUNG is one of the early settlers in the district, has a good professional reputation, enjoys the personal esteem of all who know him, has strong political convictions on the right side, and we feel sure that if elected, as he doubtless will be, that he will be an able, honest, faithful and useful Senator.

Let every Union man give him his vote and influence.

October 24, 1863, issue of The Polk County Press:

Senator Young.

AUSTIN H. YOUNG, esq., candidate for State Senator, in this District, was one of the earliest settlers in Pierce County, and has done much to advance the interests of the St. Croix Valley.  Coming into the Valley when almost a wilderness, he has battled manfully against the “ups and downs” of Western Life, and honorably borne his part of the labor required to place us in the position of honor and influence which we now command in the State.  A hard working man, he comes from the People, and asks their suffrage.  As a lawyer he has always had the reputation of being honest and true, and by his ability and fair dealing has created a character above all reproach.  In him the citizens of the 28th District will find a trustworthy representative in the Senate,—one who will do all in his power to promote their welfare and protect their interests.  The coming legislature is destined to be one of the most important that ever convened in our State, and it behooves the people of this district to send a delegation to Madison that has the ability which will command an influence such as will be respected and felt, when matters of local importance come up for legislation.  In Mr. YOUNG the people would find an able Senator who will be sure to fill the bill if elected.

Since the breaking out of the present rebellion Mr. YOUNG has been an earnest worker for the cause of our soldiers,—has spent his money freely in their behalf, and by his influence—which he has exerted unceasingly—has helped the country’s cause as much as any man in his county.

Mr. Young is sound on the all absorbing issues of the day, and we assure the Union men of Polk county that in him they have a man of honor and true principle, and one who will stand up and battle manfully for the Union cause against all enemies of the Government, or political opponents. Let every Union man vote for Mr. Young.

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