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 13-15 Second Battle of Fort Fisher (N.C.) — Operations Against Fort Fisher & Wilmington
 23-25 Battle of Trent’s Reach (Va.) — Richmond-Petersburg Campaign


 3 Battle of Rivers’ Bridge / aka Saklehatchie River/Hickory Hill/Owen’s    Crossroads/Lawtonville/Duck Creek (S.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 5-7 Battle of Hatcher’s Run /aka Dabney’s Mill — Richmond-Petersburg Campaign
 11 Battle of Aiken (S.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 11-22 Battle of Wilmington (N.C.) — Operations Against Fort Fisher and Wilmington
 12 President Lincoln’s re-election is confirmed by the Electoral College
 17-18 Capture of Columbia (S.C.) — Carolinas Campaign


 7-10 Battle of Waynesboro (Va.) — Sheridan’s Expedition to Petersburg
 7-10 Battle of Wyse Fork (N. C.) / aka Kinston/Southwest Creek — Carolinas Campaign
 10 Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads (N.C.) / aka Fayetteville Road/Kilpatrick’s
Shirttail Skedaddle — Carolinas Campaign
 16 Battle of Averasborough, or Averasboro (N.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 19-21 Battle of Bentonville (N.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 25 Battle of Fort Stedman / aka Hare’s Hill (Richmond-Petersburg Campaign)
 29 Battle of Lewis’s Farm (Va.)
 31 Battle of White Oak Road
 31 Battle of Dinwiddie Court House


 1 Battle of Five Forks (Va.)
 2 Third Battle of Petersburg / Breakthrough at Petersburg / Fall of Petersburg
 2 Battle of Sutherland’s Station (Va.)
 3 Battle of Namozine Church (Va.)
 3-9 Appomattox Campaign
 5 Battle of Amelia Springs (Va.)
 6 Battle of Rice’s Station (Va.)
 6 Battle of Sailor’s Creek (Va.)
 6-7 Battle of High Bridge (Va.)
  7 Battle of Cumberland Church (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 13-15 Battle at Morrisville Station (N.C.) — Appomattox Campaign
 x Battle of  (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign


May  .


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