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 13-15 Second Battle of Fort Fisher (N.C.) — Operations Against Fort Fisher & Wilmington
 23-25 Battle of Trent’s Reach (Va.) — Richmond-Petersburg Campaign


 3 Battle of Rivers’ Bridge / aka Saklehatchie River/Hickory Hill/Owen’s    Crossroads/Lawtonville/Duck Creek (S.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 5-7 Battle of Hatcher’s Run /aka Dabney’s Mill — Richmond-Petersburg Campaign
 11 Battle of Aiken (S.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 11-22 Battle of Wilmington (N.C.) — Operations Against Fort Fisher and Wilmington
 12 President Lincoln’s re-election is confirmed by the Electoral College
 17-18 Capture of Columbia (S.C.) — Carolinas Campaign


 6 Battle of Natural Bridge (Fla.) — Lower Seaboard Theater
 7-10 Battle of Waynesboro (Va.) — Sheridan’s Expedition to Petersburg
 7-10 Battle of Wyse Fork (N. C.) / aka Kinston/Southwest Creek — Carolinas Campaign
 10 Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads (N.C.) / aka Fayetteville Road/Kilpatrick’s
Shirttail Skedaddle — Carolinas Campaign
 16 Battle of Averasborough, or Averasboro (N.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 19-21 Battle of Bentonville (N.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 25 Battle of Fort Stedman / aka Hare’s Hill — Richmond-Petersburg Campaign
 29 Battle of Lewis’s Farm (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 31 Battle of White Oak Road — Appomattox Campaign
 31 Battle of Dinwiddie Court House — Appomattox Campaign


 1 Battle of Five Forks (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 2 Third Battle of Petersburg / Breakthrough at Petersburg / Fall of Petersburg
 2 Battle of Sutherland’s Station (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 3 Surrender of Richmond (Va.) — Richmond-Petersburg Campaign
 3 Battle of Namozine Church (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 5 Battle of Amelia Springs (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 6 Battle of Rice’s Station (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 6 Battle of Sailor’s Creek (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 6-7 Battle of High Bridge (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
  7 Battle of Cumberland Church (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 9 Surrender by Lee at Appomattox Court House (Va.) — Appomattox Campaign
 13-15 Battle at Morrisville Station (N.C.) — Carolinas Campaign
 26 Surrender by Johnston at Bennett Place (N.C.) — Carolinas Campaign


May  .


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  1. Steve Sprague, Marion, IA 319/447-0630 permalink
    March 27, 2016 4:39 pm

    If anyone is still involved with this blog I am curious about the rise of Ezra Thompson Sprague adjutant of the Eighth Wisc who rose from LT to Serve as Colonel of the 42nd Wisc. Infantry with no intervening promotions.. He is one of 5 Sprague General at the end of the war. A distant cousin. Any thoughts?

    • March 28, 2016 9:38 am

      Hi – Yes, we’re still here, just been jammed up with other things to do! We’ll take a look at the muster rolls and see if there is an explanation and get back to you. Quickly, though, I can tell you that he was the Adjutant of the 8th Wis. Inf. and the Colonel of the 42nd Wis. Inf., so he didn’t jump right to colonel. You can find Wis. soldiers in the published muster rolls online at the Wisconsin Historical Society: (this should go to the Field and Staff page of the 8th). He was brevetted a Brigadier General in the U.S. Volunteers on June 20, 1865, a promotion purely for meritorious service as he was mustered out on the same day: (this should go to the Field and Staff page of the 42nd).

      • Steve Sprague, Marion, IA 319/447-0630 permalink
        March 28, 2016 9:56 am

        Thanks for the response.

        Weren’t the Adjutants Lieutenants? Lieutenant to Colonel that’s the surprise. He later became the first Federal prosecuting (non-Morman) attorney in Salt Lake City. He is buried there. He has descendants living.

      • March 29, 2016 3:39 pm

        This is what his record in the Wisconsin 8th Infantry muster roll says:

        Ezra T. Sprague, 1st Lt. & Adjt., Sept. 30/61, to rank … [age] 28, m[edium build], blue [eyes], light[hair], light [complexion], 5′ 10″, Lawyer, Termination of Service: Com. Col. 42nd.
        D.B. Enl. Sept. 30/61, Madison, Wis. 3 yrs. M7/62. A.A.A. Gen. to Col. R.C. Murphy comd’g Brigade since May 30/62. M10/62. A.A.A. Gen. 2nd Brig. 2nd Div. Army, Miss. Ms 11 & 12/62. Same, Ross Div. M1/63. Same 8th Div. Ms 2 & 3/63. A.A.A. Gen. 2nd Brig. 8th Div. 16th A.C. Ms 4 to 6/63. A.A.A. Gen. 2nd Brig. 3rd Div. 15th A.C. M7/63. Rec’d leave of absence 20 days SO#195, Hd. Qrs. Dept. Tenn. Vicksburg, Miss. July 19/63, order Gen. U.S. Grant. M8/63. Same as M4/63. M9/63 to M3/64. Det. to Dept. Gulf with Gen. Asboth, SO#261, Hd. Qrs. Dept. Tenn. Vicksburg, Miss. Sept. 23/63, – G rant. M4/64. Rtd to duty in Regt. from Pensacola Fla. Apr. 16/64. M8/64. Absent. Ordered to Wis. SO#103, Hd. Qrs. Dist. West Tenn. – Washburn – Aug. 4/64 to accept Col. 42nd Wis. Inf. BM8 & M9/64. Same (not been mustered.) M & BM10/64 & SO #304 W D A.G.O. Washington Sept. 14/64. Disch. as Adjt. SO#304. W.D. AGO. Washington D.C. Sept. 14/64, Sec. War to accept Col’cy in another Regt. VMO. Same, Aug. 20/64. [something—possibly abbreviation for Journal] “B” p. 162. Com. Col. 42nd Regt. July 29/64 to rank same. DB. In battle Fredericktown, Island #10 & New Madrid, Farmington Miss., Siege Corinth, Corinth Oct. 3 & 4/62, Inka, Miss. Jackson, Miss. Vicksburg May 22/63, Siege Vicksburg, Lake Chicot, La. June 6/64 [Battle of Old River Lake], Mansura, La. May 16/64 & battles on return from Red River Campaign.

        I would guess that, by the time they were recruiting the 42nd Infantry, any officer with his record/experience who had remained in the service was ripe pickings for a colonelcy.

  2. Steve Sprague, Marion, IA 319/447-0630 permalink
    March 29, 2016 4:41 pm

    Thanks. I ran the ORN several years ago and there were a couple of notations on him. Didn’t the 8th lose a Colonel over some failure to post pickets or something? I wondered if it had figured it. Thanks again. Steve Sprague, Marion. IA

  3. CapD permalink
    March 19, 2017 2:03 am

    WILKINS GUBERTSON [Gilbertson], Blue River, Wisconsin,

    Enlisted: 29 October 1864 – 6 February 1865, Drafted. 6th WISCONSIN INFANTRY, Company B.

    Died: 17 April 1865, City Point Army Hospital, Virginia, Died of Wounds Received in Action at HATCHER’S RUN, VA., 6 February 1865.

    Burial: City Point National Cemetery, Hopewell City, Virginia. Plot 1238:

    He left a wife and four young children in Wisconsin.

    Born: 1 July 1825 • Årdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
    Married: 20 July 1858 • West Koshkonong Lutheran Church, Pleasant Springs, Dane County, Wisconsin, to Jørand ‘Julia’ Tomasdatter ‘Thompson’ by Pastor P. M. Brodahl, Minister of the Gospel.

    • March 20, 2017 10:00 am

      Gilbertson was from Grant County, in southern Wisconsin; he was not from Northwestern Wisconsin, but was in a regiment (6th) that contained many Northwestern Wisconsin men.

      • CapD permalink
        March 20, 2017 1:34 pm

        His name is Wilken / Vilken or William in English language on his tombstone. Yes he served you in Company B, 6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment.

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