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James S. Armstrong (d. 1862)

According to the official Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, James S. Armstrong, from Trimbelle, enlisted June 6, 1861, and was discharged, October 25, 1862, with a disability.  He served in Company B of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry—the Hudson City Guards—until December 1, 1861, when he was detached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery.

On December 2, 1861, Benjamin N. Meeds wrote the following:

Yesterday, James and Edward Armstrong, Seymour N. Colby, and Henry G. McDougal, four of the best men in our company, amid the warmest congratulations and good wishes of their comrades, left Company B, and in company with ten more men, selected from the various companies in our steady old 6th Regiment, took up their line of march for Upton’s Hill to join the Washington Battery of Artillery, under command of Capt. Gibbons, U. S. A.

It was published in the December 18, 1861, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Armstrong died November 24, 1862, in Trimbelle, Pierce County, Wisconsin.  The following is from The Prescott Journal of November 26, 1862:

— JAMES ARMSTRONG, member of Co. B, 6th Wis., who returned home last week, died at his father’s residence at Trimbelle, last Monday evening.

His tombstone in the Trimbelle Cemetery says that he was born in 1845.

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