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Wyman X. Folsom (1844-1929)

Wyman X. Folsom was born December 2, 1844, in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, to William Henry Carman (W. H. C.) Folsom and Mary Jane Wyman Folsom.

He was 17 years old when he enlisted on August 15, 1862, in the 7th Minnesota Infantry, serving in Company C.  He was promoted to hospital steward on August 14, 1864 and was discharged August 16, 1865.  At the time of his discharge, according to the 1890 Veterans Census, he suffered from chronic diarrhea and rheumatism.

Wyman Folsom had two wives: Ella C. Wykoff Folsom (1847-1883) and Mary C. Wieck Folsom (1860-1895).  He had five children: Mary Ella (1867-1951), Clara Octavia (1869-1883),  Maude C. (1886-1974), Erwin W. (1888- ), Stanley Bassett (1890-1988), and John Mendel (1892-1973).

From the Taylors Falls Reporter, September 17, 1864:

PROMOTED—We are glad to learn that Wyman Folsom of Company C, 7th Regiment has been appointed to the position of Hospital Steward of that Regiment. This is a well deserved promotion as Wyman has always performed his duties promptly and efficiently and is amply qualified for those of his new position.

From the Chisago County Press, March 21, 1929:

Captain W. X. Folsom,
Civil War Vet, Dies

Taylors Falls Man Who Voted For
Lincoln While Minor Stricken Monday.

Captain Wyman X. Folsom, Civil War veteran who served with Company C, Seventh Minnesota Infantry, and unofficial historian of Taylors Falls and the St. Croix Valley, died at his home in Taylors Falls last Monday afternoon.  He was 85 years of age.

His death was attributed to heart disease, from which he had suffered the past two years.

Funeral services were conducted at Taylors Falls yesterday by the Masonic lodge, of which Captain Folsom was a former officer.  Interment was in Kahbakong Cemetery.

A native of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, Captain Folsom [came] to Minnesota in 1847.  His father, W. H. C. Folsom, one-time Minnesota legislator, first settled at Stillwater.  The family later removed to St. Croix Falls and then to Taylors Falls.

Captain Folsom was 17 years old when President Lincoln called for volunteers.  The lad became a member of Company C, Seventh Minnesota Infantry.

When the young Minnesotan’s regiment was fighting in Missouri, Lincoln’s campaign for a second term drew to a close.  The votes of the Union soldiery were needed and a commissioner from Minnesota went to Captain Folsom’s camp to swear in the votes.

“We were told to fall in at the rear if we wanted to vote for Lincoln,” Captain Folsom recently related.  “I told a comrade that I’d like to vote but that I wasn’t old enough.”

“He said, “Well you’ve been in the army for two years and that ought to make up for the lack in age. Now you just hop back in that line and when the commissioner asks us to hold up our right hands you keep yours down. He won’t see you.”

The young soldier followed instrutions [sic]. When the voters sworn in his right hand was at his side. The commissioner never detected the ruse and so far as Captain Folsom knew his vote was counted.

The deceased is survived by five sons and daughters. They are: Mary E Folsom and Mrs Francis Murdock of Taylors Falls; Erwin W Folsom of St. Paul; John M Folsom of Minneapolis, and Stanley B Folsom of Delta, Utah.

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