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Abraham D. Andrews (1830-1885)

Dr. A. D. Andrews served as a surgeon with the 6th Wisconsin Infantry (the Iron Brigade).  According to his tombstone, he was born September 21, 1836, in Lovell, Maine, and July 23, 1885.  He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery outside of River Falls, Wisconsin.

Andrews was commissioned 2nd Assistant Surgeon on October 24, 1861; 1st Assistant Surgeon on October 13, 1862; and mustered out November 10, 1863.  He was living in River Falls, in Pierce County, Wisconsin, when commissioned and returned there to live after leaving the Army.

From The Prescott Journal of December 12, 1863:

— We that Dr. A. D. Andrews, of River Falls, surgeon in the Wis. 6th, has his discharge and will soon return home.  The Dr. has been a most efficient officer, and his health is much impaired, it is but just that he should return.

The following biography is from History of the Saint Croix Valley, by Augustus B. Easton, Volume 1, Chicago: H.C. Cooper & Co., 1909 (available in the UWRF Archives, F 587 .S14 E3):

A. D. Andrews, M. D., was born in Maine, September 21, 1830.  He graduated at the Chicago Medical College in 1861, and the following year was commissioned assistant surgeon of the Sixth Wisconsin Infantry of the famous Iron Brigade, with which he served up to the battle of Gettysburg.  After retiring from the army he came to River Falls and engaged in milling, which he continued successfully until he retired in 1880. In 1878 he was elected state senator.  He was appointed a regent of the Fourth State Normal School in 1877.  He was serving as mayor of River Falls at the time of his death, July 23, 1885.

A. D. Andrews’ brother, John Andrews, died at Camp Washburn in Milwaukee on March 16, 1862, while serving with the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry.

A. D. Andrews’ Papers are available in the UWRF Archives, River Falls SC 357.  The collection includes his Civil War commission certificates, his later appointments as examining surgeon for pensions and as regent of state normal schools, and his election as a state senator.

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