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Soldiers Who Died from Illness or Disease

A list of soldiers from northwestern Wisconsin who died from disease or other non-battle related reasons.

REMEMBERED AND MOURNED.—For every man who falls in battle some one mourns.—For every man who dies in hospital wards, and of whom no note is made, some one mourns.  For the humblest soldier shot on picket, and of whose humble exit from the stage of life little is thought, some one mourns.  Nor this alone.  For every soldier disabled ;  for every one who loses an arm or leg, or who is wounded or languishes in protracted suffering ;  for every one who has “only camp fever,” some heart bleeds, some tears are shed.  In far-off humble households, perhaps, sleepless nights and anxious days are passed of which the world never knows ;  and every wounded soldier who returns to his family or friends brings a lasting pang with him.  Oh how the mothers feel this war !  If ever God is sad in Heaven, it seems to me it must be when he looks upon the hearts of mothers.—We who are young think little of it ;  neither, I think do the fathers or the brothers think much of it ;  but it is the poor mothers and wives of the soldiers.  God help them.  The Prescott Journal,

This is a work in progress!

  • Gilbert Allen, Hudson, died November 28, 1862, from disease.
  • John Andrews, from Hudson, died on March 16, 1862, at Camp Washburn from pneumonia.
  • James M. Colgan, from River Falls, died February 24, 1863, in Tennessee from an unspecified illness or disease.
  • Benjamin B. Comstock, from Prescott, died July 17, 1862, at Humboldt (Tenn.) from a fever.
  • William T. Connolly, from River Falls, died March 19, 1862, disease.
  • Francis Danforth, from Town of Farmington, died November 3, 1861, from disease.
  • Charles Deyarmond, from River Falls, died March 7, 1862, disease.
  • William E. Dexter, from Hudson, died August 13 or 15, 1862, at New Orleans from dysentery.
  • Oliver Peter Dwyer, from Malone, died November 3, 1862.
  • James Gibbs, from River Falls (Mann Valley), died in 1863, disease.
  • Corwin Gregory, from Prescott, died December 13, 1862, at Camp Randall from an unspecified illness or disease.
  • William W. Hatch, “from” Handy, Mich., died August 23, 1862, from disease.
  • John J. Johnson, from New Centerville, died June 22, 1862, disease.
  • William F. Johnson, from River Falls, died November 13, 1861, from disease.
  • Albert Jones, from Hudson, died March 5, 1862, at Louisville from an unspecified illness or disease.
  • George W. Longfellow, from St. Croix Falls, died April 7, 1863, in Madison from disease.
  • George Martin, from River Falls, died January 15, 1863, at Camp Randall from pneumonia.
  • Wilson McAllister, from Trimbelle, died October 22, 1862, from disease.
  • Dougald McIntyre, from Cottage Grove (Minn.), died August 25, 1863, disease.
  • John M. Miller, from Prescott, died November 24, 1862, at Camp Randall from typhoid fever.
  • Peter Nelson, from Martell, died January 27, 1863
  • James G. Nichols, from Hastings (Minn.), died August 28, 1863, disease.
  • David B. Northrop, from Hudson, died July 26, 1863, disease.
  • Jacob B. Patterson, from River Falls, died on April 1, 1862, from an unspecified illness or disease.
  • Robert R. Pettijohn, from Hudson, died October 2, 1862, from disease.
  • George W. Prescott, from New Centerville, died November 8, 1862, disease.
  • William L. H. Pumplin, from Trenton, died July 6, 1863, disease.
  • John Quirk, from Prescott, died August 11, 1863, disease.
  • George T. Randall, from River Falls, died August 6, 1862, at Baton Rouge from typhoid fever.
  • Solomon M. Russell, from Town of Richmond, died June 26, 1863, at Vicksburg from “congestive fever.”
  • Edward C. Silverthorn, from Oakland, died August 2, 1862.
  • Thomas Smith, from New Richmond, died January 16, 1862, from an unspecified illness or disease.
  • Edward C. Tubbs, from River Falls, died December 7, 1861, at Camp Randall from “inflammation of the lungs.”
  • Charles D. Wade, Hudson, died September 2, 1862, from disease.
  • Robert Wilson, from Prescott, died August 29, 1863, in Louisiana from an unspecified illness or disease.
  • William W. Williams, from Town of Alden, died October 28, 1863, from an unspecified illness or disease.
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