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1862 December 10: Update on the Dakota Indians

December 12, 2012

From the December 10, 1862, issue of The Prescott Journal.  Hastings, Minnesota, is across the river from Prescott, Wisconsin.


At a meeting held at Hastings last week, the following resolutions were passed.

Resolved, 1st.  That we most respectfully, but earnestly protest against the exercise of clemency on the part of the Government towards the Sioux warriors guilty of participating in the late massacres upon our frontier, and convicted by the military commission instituted by General Sibley[Henry Hastings Sibley], and request that the punishment of those warriors be summary and capital.

2nd. That persons far removed from the scene of the Indian barbarities, have but a feeble conception of their magnitude: of the vindictiveness, subtlety and treachery of the savage tribes, and the means necessary to hold them in subjection, therefore the remonstrances and petitions of these criminals, should have no weight with the President in determining what deposition should be made of them.

3d.  That no permanent peace or security can pervade our boarders, so long as Little Crow and his band are at large, inciting to plunder, murder and rapine, a race in whose breasts slumber all the cruelties of remorseless savages, and that we believe that sound policy and impartial justice demand their capture and punishment.

4th.  That the public weal, humanity to the red man, as well as peace and the blessings of civilization to the whites, demand the speedy removal of the Indian tribes of this State beyond the borders of civilization, and that sufficient force be mantained [sic] on the frontier to overawe and restrain them.

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